What We're Grateful For This Thanksgiving

The future is so bright, Team MyCorp has to wear shades! We’re excited for 2020 and the new decade ahead of us. In addition, we are equally grateful for the many blessings we received throughout 2019.

There is so much to be thankful for year-round! Celebrate Thanksgiving, and get in the holiday spirit, as we share the gifts we feel lucky to have in our lives.

1. Good Health

I am thankful for so much. This job, my health, and my children and their health. I am also thankful for the roof over my head and the car that gets me places. — Sarah Kilian

2. Every Day

I’m extremely thankful and grateful every day for my health, my family and friends, and a reason every day to get up. — Nancy Nash

3. Family

I am thankful for my husband, Tor, and my two sons Ben and Chris! — Deborah Sweeney

4. Fur Babies!

I am thankful for my dog, Codie. I’m grateful for my good health and thankful I was able to purchase a home with my mom. — Jeannine Palman

5. Support From Family and Friends

I’m thankful for my family, my boyfriend Jonathan, and my friends for being so amazing and supportive while I tackle a full-time job and full-time college. The amazing support team that I have behind me pushing me to reach my goals overwhelms me with gratitude! There aren’t enough words for the thanks I have for them. — Alyssa Reilly

6. First Responders

I am thankful for my health, job, family, friends, and first responders. — Meghan Massara

7. My Baby

I’m thankful for my happy and healthy five-month-old son and how much joy he brings me every day. My wonderful boyfriend for being the absolute best father to our son and being the best partner I could ask for. My amazing family and my boyfriend’s family for always being there for us. And my cats, because they were my first babies. I still love them like crazy! — Natalie Vargas

8. My Partner

There is much to be thankful for this year! I’m thankful for my children, because they give me so much love, life, and energy. My partner because he is the person who supports me through the good, bad, and crazy. And I’m thankful for my family and friends for all their help and wishful thinking. — Hilda Ibarra

9. My Children

First and foremost, I am grateful for my children. My life would not be complete without them. I’m also thankful for my family, health, and career. — Tracy Newman

10. Career

I’m thankful for my family. I’m also thankful I get to work with the best group of individuals at MyCorporation. — Scott Simrall

11. Encouragement From Friends and Family

Thankful for my friends and family who kept me going on my fitness journey. — Bernard Perlas

12. Amazing Friends

I am incredibly thankful for my loving family, amazing friends, and good health. — Courtney Cutting

13. Family Unit

Thankful for my family unit and their love and support. I’m thankful for the health of my children and grandchildren. The innocence and smiles of my grandchildren. Having a roof over my head and a safe place to live. The kindness in people. True friends, to have a job, and to be alive! — Maria Giangregorio

14. Everything!

I am thankful for everything I have. My family, my job, a roof over my head, and friends. — Dana Case

15. Being Part of Team MyCorp!

I’m thankful for good health, and a beautiful and happy healthy baby boy. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to advance my education and go to school. Most of all, just being part of this amazing team. I am thankful for knowing what happiness looks like and what it feels like. — David Arroyo Jr.