Business Grants for Minority Women

Seeking funding for your small business? You may find applying for a grant to be among the best financing options.

What Is A Grant?

What is a grant? Grants are available through government agencies and on the state level. Businesses in need may receive grants. They may use the funds to help resolve any problems facing their growing business.

Where can minority women business owners find grants? In this roundup you’ll find a list of grants for minority women. This includes their deadlines for the 2021 calendar year. You’ll also learn what to know before applying for a grant — including determining if the grant is legitimate.

SoGal Foundation Black Founder Startup Grant

SoGal Foundation is providing Black women and nonbinary entrepreneurs with cash grants through the Black Founder Startup Grant.

These grants range between $5k to $10k. Qualifying businesses should plan to seek investor financing. They should have a scalable, high-impact solution or idea that can become the next billion-dollar business. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. New grantees are awarded at the end of each month.

Asian Women Giving Circle

The Asian Women Giving Circle (AWGC) believes culture is an essential part of any strategy for social change. The AWGC supports Asian American women-led organizations and artists in New York City. These organizations and individuals are raising awareness and catalyzing action around critical issues impacting Asian American women, girls, and families.

5-8 project grants are awarded through the AWGC grants cycle. The maximum grant amount is for $15,000. The request for proposals has closed for 2021. However, interested applicants passionate about funding arts and culture projects may visit the website for further updates.

Jane Walker First Women Grant Program

Is your women-owned businesses innovating in industries like entertainment, film, music, sports, journalism, and hospitality? You may consider applying for a grant from the Jane Walker First Women Grant Program.

This grant is for $10k. Applicants must be 21 years of age. They must submit a 60-second video as part of their grant application. The video should demonstrate how your women-owned business is considered to be the first of its kind. In addition, the video should detail how the business is breaking boundaries. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis through June 2021.

Do You Fund

In 2020, Do You Fund helped fund over 1,500 Black and Latinx women entrepreneurs with their small businesses. This year, they are launching the Do You Fellowship. 10 promising Black and Latinx women innovators will be awarded a $5,000 investment in their business. Additionally, they will receive resources and mentorship. This will help continue developing their business. Sign up here to learn when applications open.

First Nations Development Institute Grants

First Nations started their grantmaking program in 1993. The organization works to manage grants for Native American projects in 40 states.

While grant applications are currently closed at this time, First Nations encourages interested applicants to check back regularly for opportunities.


One of the best resources for finding grants is IFundWomen. This is a funding marketplace. Women entrepreneurs may browse through grant listings on the website. They may see which grants are applicable to their businesses and apply accordingly.

However, keep in mind that some of these grants are run by IFundWomen. You will need to be a member in order to apply. However, the site also rounds up other fantastic (and legitimate!) grants available for women entrepreneurs online.

Niche Business Grants

What other grants are currently open in 2021 that may be a fit for your business, given its niche or specific location?

Halstead Grant

Do you have a jewelry business or design jewelry? Each summer the Halstead Grant awards a new jewelry designer that works primarily in silver.

Grant recipients receive $7,500 in startup capital, $1,000 in merchandise. In addition, they will receive recognition in the industry. The application deadline closes on August 1, 2021.

The USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant Program

Minority women entrepreneurs that live in rural areas may apply for one of the USDA’s Rural Business Development Grants.

Eligible areas are typically towns with a population of 50,000 residents that are outside of cities. They may receive enterprise and opportunity grants. Grantees may also receive technical assistance and training for their small businesses. Funding also helps cover acquisition or development of land.

Awesome Foundation Grant

Each month, The Awesome Foundation awards an $1,000 microgrant to awesome ideas.

Minority women entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply. As such, these grants go towards various initiatives. Some industries include the arts, tech, community development, and more.

Walter Grant Award

Are you a writer or illustrator who is particularly interested in writing children’s and YA content?

Minority women are encouraged to apply for the Walter Grant Award. This program provides $2,000 grants to promising diverse writers and illustrators with unpublished work. Submissions for the 2021 Walter Grants cycle will be opening soon. Therefore, it’s encouraged that you check in to see when they open.

Additional Grant Resources

You may search for even more grants available to minority women through these grant-approved websites.

  • This search engine is among one of the most trustworthy for finding grants. Learn how to look up grants, your eligibility, and how to apply through
  • Grants For Women. This is another trusted grant search engine. Grants For Women allows women entrepreneurs to search for grants. In addition, they may find other funding opportunities through their alphabetical listing directory.
  • African-American Grants. Black-owned businesses may search for grants and more business opportunities through African-American Grants.
  • The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). In addition to government grants, the SBA offers additional resources for minority women entrepreneurs. They may share other available funding programs or allow you to look up your local SBA-supported Women’s Business Center (WBC) to find more opportunities in your area.

Grant Legitimacy

Be aware of the following warning signs that a grant is actually a scam and not legitimate, according to

  • Being told you are eligible for a grant that doesn’t have an application. Federal grants require application submission. An individual that makes this false claim may compromise your personal data. This may include your Social Security Number or bank account information.
  • Paying a fee for a federal grant. The government does not charge fees for federal grants.
  • Grant-related government bureaus that do not exist. Individuals may reach out falsely claiming to work for these organizations.
  • Calls from the Washington, D.C. area. Many scam calls hail from around the world. You cannot apply for a federal grant over a phone call or via email.
  • “Congratulations! You won a grant in a drawing!” In addition, this is another scam tactic. You may not receive a grant through drawings or raffles.

Applying for a grant means sharing personal details and information about your small business. Grant scams can take advantage of entrepreneurs seeking funding. They may seize their personal information. Therefore, be careful. In conclusion, check in with the checklist at This will ensure your grant application is going to the right place.

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