How Customers Can Support Small Businesses Year-Round

Customers don’t have to limit their small business support to shopping holidays. They can support small businesses in their communities year-round! From the start of January until the last month in the year, these tips will help you go the extra mile to support small businesses in your neighborhood.

Spread The Word On Nextdoor

It’s always a great idea to support small businesses on social media platforms. Local businesses, however, benefit significantly from receiving kudos on neighborhood-centric apps like Nextdoor.

Do you know a new small business which opened in your area? Share the name of the business, and its location, on Nextdoor. Try to include their address and a link to their website, if possible. This gives neighbors the chance to visit in-person and online. Encourage neighbors to welcome the business to the neighborhood and shop there.

Shop Local Year-Round

Instead of going to the same supermarket, consider shopping more frequently at the farmers’ market. Purchase gifts for family and friends on occasions including holidays and birthdays from small businesses instead of shopping online at major retailers. Dine out at a local eatery or coffee shop instead of going to a chain restaurant.

One of the easiest ways to support small businesses is to shop local. However, you don’t want to limit your shopping to seasonal times of the year. Weave shopping local into your day-to-day. Commit to shopping with, and supporting, small businesses throughout the year.

Send Over Referrals

Most small businesses, including hair salons, will offer clients a discount if they receive referrals. Refer family, friends, and neighbors to businesses which can use the referrals to build their client base. You may receive a discount and the person you refer may find a great new spot which caters to their needs.

Write Positive Reviews

Customer reviews are critical for small businesses. These reviews enable potential customers to discover the business and its offerings and help the business rank higher for SEO purposes in search. If you have a positive experience with a small business, write about it on review platforms like Yelp and Trustpilot.

What if a business does not have a presence on these platforms? Share the review on their social media accounts or tag them in a post or tweet.

Commit To Discovering More Businesses

You may be familiar with a new coffee shop which opened down the street from your house or a hair salon a few blocks away. What other small businesses are local you haven’t visited yet?

Go for a walk, or a drive, around the neighborhood. See which businesses you know are already open. Keep your eyes open for any announcements about businesses which may be opening soon or recently opened their doors to the public. If you see a business which may be new to you, stop by for a visit.

Additionally, you can always check in with your local Chamber of Commerce. They may provide you with a list of small businesses in your area. Some may be familiar to you. Others may be brand new.

Throughout the year, commit to discovering businesses. You can find them on foot or with a quick drive. Once you find a new business, support small businesses by shopping there and referring them to your network.

Ask For Small Business Recommendations

You don’t have to be the only person who is on the hunt for small businesses! Ask your family, friends, and neighbors for business recommendations.

Need a new accountant? A new hair stylist? A suggestion for where to have dinner tonight? Ask locals for their recommendations and expand your sphere of small businesses even more from their advice.

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