How Small Businesses Can Retain Talent

Retaining talent means doing more than conducting the occasional check in with employees. Small businesses have an important role to play in the care and keeping of talent. There are certain benefits a business may offer, like unlimited PTO and a gym membership, but those are largely perks included with the job. The best way to retain employees starts from the ground up with a strong company culture.

How do you create a company culture which resonates with everyone and avoids toxicity? Consider the following attributes of a strong company culture.


Everyone is respectful of one another and feels comfortable around each other, regardless of age, gender, race, or background.


There’s no “I” in team. Everyone is willing to work together to get the job done.


There are constant opportunities for growth, new things to learn, and individuals who may mentor you.


Small businesses may not have as many resources as large corporations. However, they are nimble and able to quickly strategize, think ahead, and innovate.


Employees believe in the business. The mission it has closely aligns with their own personal beliefs and values, which is huge for retaining talent.

Work Life Balance

You understand employees have a life outside of work. Leadership encourages them to pursue their side hobbies and passions.

How To Recruit and Retain Talent

You understand how to properly onboard employees and create a strong company culture, Now, you may hope even more talent wants to come work for you and help grow your business. How do you keep finding and retaining talent which is a fit for your business?

Aside from sharing job opportunities on the company careers page of your website and job boards, consider starting up an internal referrals network. Do you have an employee with a great work ethic who knows someone looking for work who also has a strong work ethic? Encourage the employee to refer the potential hire to you! After a bit of interviewing and learning about their background, they might be just the right fit to come join your small business.

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