Corporate resolutions include most formal actions and decisions approved by your board of directors (or in the case of an LLC—your members). There are multiple situations in which you would need a specific resolution to cover a particular transaction.

Corporate resolutions are resolutions made by your directors and shareholders on behalf of the company. These resolutions can range from assigning a lease or authorizing a contract, to selling real estate or terminating a lease. Drafting and maintaining Corporate Resolutions while operating your business can be a tedious task.

A corporate resolution is a legal document that will be voted on or has been voted on at a meeting of the board of directors for a corporation. The resolution could be on just about any subject. One common subject, because it is required by banks and securities firms to open accounts, is to define which individuals are authorized to act on behalf of a corporation. The form and structure of this document varies depending on the state in which the corporation is organized.

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