launched on December 25, 2009 and is a skills marketplace for anyone who would like to trade (barter) their skills for someone else’s. The idea is simple, they are providing a place where people all over the U.S. can register and search for skills they have and need based on zip code. Everyone has multiple skills or talents and maybe it’s time you started using all of yours to get what you need! You have a knack for decorating… maybe you can stage someone’s house to sell in exchange for a having a new deck built…
Skills2Barter started with a vision and two enthusiastic people who just happened to know how to build a website. They believe and history has proven that the American people will connect (that’s where the site comes into play) and will work together to continue to get things done and succeed in any way possible during challenging times. “Strength isn’t necessarily in our present economy or how much the dollar is worth. It’s in our people – their skills and experience. So when your insurance doesn’t pay for crowns or acupuncture or physical therapy or in-home nursing… somewhere out there, probably in your area, is a dentist that needs a website, a acupuncturist that needs her car worked on, a PT that needs someone to set up his books, and sure enough there is a nurse out of work that needs a music teacher for her daughter or a place to live,” says Julie Katzer, co-founder. Skills3Barter would like to bring people together so that we can all continue to live and get things done – the barter way.

Biggest Challenge: Skills2Barter is just getting started and right now their biggest challenge is getting the word out and getting people to register on the site so they can increase the community.

Words of advice to new businesses: “Believe in your dreams and aspire to greatness!