Healthy Balance Fitness helps busy women put themselves back on their to-do lists and build a balanced body, balanced mind, and balanced life.  It is their mission to support and inspire women to take care of themselves so that they can be strong and healthy and have the energy to live the life they deserve.

Healthy Balance Fitness helps women achieve balance in body and life by providing fitness services to fit individual lifestyles. They design a customized program based on individual needs and goals.

Nora Walsh, founder & owner of Healthy Balance Fitness, began questioning whether she was really in alignment with her own values.  As she uncovered what was most important to her, she created Healthy Balance Fitness to support herself and others in their career and family life.

Nora’s business tip: The most important aspect of living a healthy balanced life is to do things that make you happy, things that are important to you, and things that help you grow into a better human being.  A healthy balance is not something that happens automatically. Every day, you have to make hundreds of choices that can either contribute to or take away from the healthy balance in your life. The beautiful thing in life is that it does come down to choices.  Don’t forget to put yourself on your to do list.