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Journey 4 Life was started from an idea years and years ago. The owner, Dennis Anderson, always wanted to do something to make a change in the world. He always took good care of himself through exercise. It wasn’t until 5 years ago or so that he really decided to turn this dream into a reality. People started approaching him in the gym and even outside of it asking questions about fitness and how he could help them out. It was at that time he realized this was his calling and the business was created. Mr. Anderson, CEO of Journey 4 Life Fitness, says “Thanks to the wonderful customer service from Tracy Newman my company was set up properly and very fast. I was truly surprised by how quickly everything was set up. It was refreshing to have someone on the other end of the phone who catered to all the needs of me as a customer. Despite my lack of knowledge with setting up my business Tracy was very professional and patiently guided me through the process. My experience
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with My Corporation was incredible and I’d be the first to recommend them.”
When asked about the impact on the economy, Mr. Anderson said, “This economy is a set back with any business out there now but for me it doesn’t set us back too much. The demand for my service is huge. Health is now being taken seriously and people actually want to change their lifestyles. My business has just been set up and is in the beginning stages but it’s doing well thus far. ”
Mr. Anderson went on to say, “I made my business successful by challenging others to change the way they think. By motivating and inspiring others to believe that anything is possible. I also spent time understanding and studying fitness. Fitness has been a huge part of my life. I found that changing the thought process and having the physical will is the formula for transformation. With each life that is changed by journey 4 life fitness success shows up.”

Business tip:  My biggest tip I can give is to stay passionate and do something you love, persevere, and stay driven to complete what you start.