Looking for work? Unhappy with your current job? Searching for the next big idea? People are ready to start their own businesses today! In fact, in these tough economic times, the amount of entrepreneurs in the U.S. is up. The question that stops many people from starting their own business is usually “What exactly will my company do?” The answer to this question is often more simple than it seems. Do what you know! If you have years worth of experience, interest, and contacts in a certain field, make that the perfect business for you. If you love making baked goods, maybe you could own a bakery. If you have a pristine garden, maybe landscaping your community will be your business idea. Maybe you’re a fashionista, and high end fashion is in your future. Similarly, 2 fashionable women noticed a niche in the fashion world and now have a thriving business, even amidst the recession. Take a look at this article excerpt:

Madeline Passarelli didn’t have any fantasies about the fashion business. Cutting her sartorial teeth from a young age at her father’s apparel company, then as editor for several style magazines, she was schooled in the less-than-glamorous aspects of design and distribution. But one lesson in style led her into entrepreneurship
Looking fabulous shouldn’t require a small fortune, especially when trendy threads get relegated to the back of the closet after just one season.
Translating that principle into a profitable venture put Passarelli on the cutting edge of an emerging industry. As founder of the aptly named Wear Today, Gone Tomorrow, she’s one of the leaders in a nascent group of startups offering short-term rental of luxury apparel and accessories to customers eager to sport designer labels, not empty wallets.

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Don’t try to revolutionize a product in an industry in which you don’t have any experience . Follow billionaire Warren Buffett’s strategy and invest in what you know. As Mr. Buffet says, “…enjoy the process far more than the proceeds” and you will likely be wildly successful. Get started today and good luck!