Lost sales can mean the end of your business. Imagine a new customer who hears of your product, is eager to buy and then cannot. Alternatively, imagine a customer who cannot bring repeat business due to the same problem. How does this happen? Confusing websites, un-informative newsletters, press releases and complex ordering processes all result in sales becoming lost in translation. Fully informing your customers’ sounds obvious, yet failing to follow this cardinal rule of business can mean dramatic loss in sales. Sending e-mail correspondence with customers is vital. Therefore, make sure you are communicating effectively.

First, is your subject line doing more harm than good? Often e-mail newsletters are deleted along with hundreds of other e-mails consumers receive daily from various businesses. The reaction a person has when faced with dozens of e-mails in their inbox, and a limited amount of time or pertinence to read them all, is to delete anything that doesn’t appear to be of interest. Your subject lines should make it clear what the reader is going to find inside. Make sure the questions who, what, where, when and why are answered. Simple, direct and informative subject lines ensure your e-mail will not be tossed into the trash bin.

Next, don’t assume that customers read every correspondence you send them. E-mails and newsletters, even if sent to repeat customers, should contain pertinent information. Remind your customer of your product(s), why it is unique and what your business can do for the reader. Highlighting your business and products will keep you fresh in your customers mind resulting in future sales and also referrals. Word of mouth is extremely important for small businesses and can only be achieved if customers remain knowledgeable about your products and services.

Finally, give your customers an experience that motivates them and makes it easy for them to take the next step. Check all of your links before you send your e-mails. Make sure the reader is taken to exactly the page they are expecting to see, with the information they are expecting to find. No one has time to hunt for links or websites. The experience should be simple and flawless. Double check your e-mails for an informative subject line, pertinent content and full functionality. This process will help your business avoid lost sales in the future.

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