Separating your small business from its competitors is crucial, especially in the current economy. Learning how to successfully brand your business will help you achieve this goal. However, with so many new forms of social media, creating a strategy can be difficult. Consider the following questions and answers to learn branding tips that will help you navigate the sea of online communication and effectively develop a branding strategy.

How do I separate my business from the competition? Have a clear business plan. Have a direct answer to the question, “what is your business about?” Figure out who you are and what your business represents. From that point, create a logo that represents the image you wish to portray. Investing $750-$1000 in a company that will help you develop a logo is a great idea. These companies know what is already on the market. They can help you create a logo and an image that is new to the small business world and unique to your company.

What is the best way to spread the word about my business? Social media is the easy answer. Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, to name a few, provide the perfect platform to get the news out about your business. If you are unfamiliar with using these sites, ask a younger employee. These websites are second nature to the younger generations and they can help you out. Also, creating your own profile is free, thus sweetening the deal. Using these sites can also help you research your competition and learn your market.

To blog or not to blog? BLOG! If you are reading this, you are proof that blogging works! Your business website provides customers with general information; however a blog will help give your business a voice. Aside from the services and prices, what is going on within your market? Have you developed certain strategies you would like to share with others? Relevant issues within your business community also provide great topics to use for a blog. Creating a voice for your company will make your business relatable to customers while also increasing your online presence.

What else can I do? Keep in mind that you need to stay relevant to your customers. Implement new strategies such as updating your Facebook profile or tweeting about current events pertinent to your market to ensure you are up to date. Understand how technology is changing in order to keep your business up to speed. For example, add comments on the blogs of your competitors linking back to your site. Generating web content surrounding your market and your business will not only increate traffic on your site, but will also ensure you are keeping up with your competitors.

Get out there and make your online presence known! Create a strong logo and develop a clear and simple business plan. Use social media websites to generate content relevant to your business, and don’t forget to check up on the progress of your competitors! Learn about other ways to maintain your business using MyCorporation HERE!