No, we aren’t talking about the food rule- we are talking about advertising. The number one complaint of many advertisers is they’re receiving anywhere from a mediocre to lukewarm reception of their ads. It’s a real possibility that some of these ads fail due to the fact that they’re not built for today’s environment. As you look at your marketing, keep in mind that the world of communication is moving at a mind-numbing pace. The strategy of sending out pawns first while venturing into a slow, laborious spiel no longer works. On the contrary, it is absolutely critical to unleash your very best at the outset.

Five seconds is the maximum amount of time given to make this initial impact. Think of it as your first impression. If you can keep your audience past the first five seconds, it is likely the will focus on the rest of your ad. Think of the five second rule in the following ways:

Outdoor Advertising
Short. Eye catching. Unique. Think of these words when creating your advertising scheme. You only have a few brief moments to make a large impact. Consider using color, but do it sparingly. Make sure your ad doesn’t look like a highlighter commercial, (unless that’s what you are advertising!). A pop of color and a brief, bold statement will ensure your ads are not only seen but make a lasting impact.

Television and Radio
Remember that viewers/listeners are constantly tuning in and out. In addition, they’re spot-hopping with the latest DVR technology (this is now true for radio). Consider using humor, or an educational fact to begin your ad. Mention specials, offers and give aways at the beginning. You could also start with a jingle. Start your ad strong in order to capture the attention of your audience.

Direct Mail Piece
Unlike other media, direct mail is tangible – a major plus. However, this does not guarantee success. Make sure your mail is not tossed into the junk mail pile. Feature a coupon on the outside of the envelope. Create a piece with uncommon dimensions. Use heavy or patterned paper for impact. Go a step further and present your best offer while avoiding junk mail-status.

Email Marketing
The email marketing world is a volatile place; even the most prestigious of companies can sometimes find themselves being ignored or worse – sentenced to the spam folder. Carefully consider your approach. Make the subject line informative, bold and brief. Before sending your email, run it through a spam checker. Finally, avoid too many images. Loading time may cause people to exit the email before reading it.

Consider these tips next time to visit your advertising scheme. Informative, bold, eye catching advertising will do wonders for your businesses marketing campaign. Above all, remember that the five second rule doesn’t only apply to food- it is the key to successful advertising.