This is the promise that RealPractice is making to their customers who subscribe with MyCorporation. For now until April 30th, RealPractice will help you build a customized and professional website for $599. Included in this price will be 1 month of free website hosting. The perfect deal whether you’re looking to launch a new website for your business or just give your existing company site a makeover!

For 10 years, RealPractice have been building SEO-friendly websites with attractive designs and affordable rates for a wide range of professionals and businesses. Their high-quality work has garnered the attention of thousands of firms that they are proud to call their clients. No matter how large the business or the type of practice, RealPractice will create a professional website to retain clients and maintain an effective online presence.

Having an aesthetically pleasing website is how a business best flourishes online and keeps and draws more clients toward their services. Many companies feel threatened by the price tag and time involved in creating these sites and will more often decide to either not create a site or just stay with an old and poorly designed website to avoid the cost.

In addition to being easy on the eyes, RealPractice’s websites are fully functional including features such as:

• Getting better placement on Google and other major search engines
• Driving more traffic to the site via online marketing and social media
• Tracking all phone calls and inquiries via call tracking
• Turning more visitors into callers and turn more callers into clients
• Tracking all incoming client leads and managing them

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! For more information, call 1-888-861-9615 or visit the RealPractice site.