There isn’t any big secret to getting your business brand and name out there these days, especially with so many social networking websites available at your disposal. If anything, it’s only getting easier! Not only easy, marketing a home-based business is more affordable than ever to work with, made possible with great word of mouth and social media. We scoured the web in search of a few good tips on marketing and found plenty, most of which we incorporate into our own line of work.

1. Know and Believe in Your Business Inside and Out

You just started a home-based business. Congrats! Now, er, what is it that I’m selling or providing others?

If you don’t know or if you do and just aren’t passionate about it, then how can you expect your business to take off? We know and understand our business like the backs of our hands and are always ready to describe ways that entrepreneurs can begin forming an LLC or corporation with the help of MyCorporation. When you care for and are inspired by the work that you do, it shows and others will be able to pick up on it. Moreover, they’ll want to be involved with what you do and are more willing to support a company that believes in what it does and the services it provides.

2. Tweet! Like! Reblog! Connect with Social Media

It’s a small world after all with all of the latest forms of social media available to keep us connected and in the know. Create fan pages and company profiles with some of the biggest social networking websites and update on a daily basis. You’ll want to work with Facebook to ensure your company profile gets “liked”, Tweet with Twitter to keep your followers in the know with the latest status update, and have an account with networking sites for professionals like LinkedIn as a way to showcase the talent that you have working with your company.

Even as a fledgling home-based business, you will find that connecting online is not only inexpensive, but will find plenty of interested parties willing to follow you and stay connected for more information you have to offer them. Attach buttons with the sites that you are affiliated with on all of your daily email correspondences and newsletters to create more buzz and generate more followers. Create a blog via WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr to give your followers a place to find out just what a day in the life of your business entails or just dish out helpful advice to both your target audience and young entrepreneurs alike. And remember, when working with social media, staying updated with new, fresh information on a daily basis is a must!

3. Write an Article, Submit It, Get Your Name Out There

It’s as simple as that. For free, you can find an article submission web site that works with you to offer in exchange for a written article, your name and company brand in the credits of the article. Through SEO (search engine marketing) techniques with the amount of relevant keywords used in your article, you will find that your article will be targeted based on the keywords used. When looking to write an article, try to find a topic that is most related to your business. For example, we would look for topics that deal with LLC’s and corporations, marketing, businesses, CPA’s, and entrepreneurs and use the appropriate keywords in these articles that most closely match the company industry and topic at hand. Always be sure that when you submit your article, the grammar and spelling is edited and double-checked!

4. Create a Website that’s Easy to Navigate

Nothing is worse than visiting the website of a new home-based business and not being able to find the information that you need. When creating a website (and you will need one, if you want to properly market your company), be sure that necessary information is easy to find. Include your company logo, contact information, FAQ’s, social media connection buttons, and a helpful toolbar so that finding out any missing information not readily available is made all the more easier.

5. Reach Out to Local Media

Begin the journey to early word of mouth by connecting with publicists within your local media circuit. By hiring a publicist, PR pro, or simply contacting the local media within your area, you’ll be sure to find newspaper, TV and radio station, and magazine editorial teams that are ready to profile a story on you and the company you have to offer. We have been featured in The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal and our CEO Deborah Sweeney has even made an appearance with ABC World News to discuss the benefits that MyCorp offers individuals interested in forming an LLC. Be sure to upload your TV video appearances to popular viral video sites like YouTube and Vimeo to ensure more views!

6. Write a Press Release

It’s the basics of getting your name out there-writing a press release. Submit a professional press release to your local media outlet and they’ll be sure to put it up onto the front page of Google!

7. Network with Others in the Industry

Before you find referrals and individuals ready to review your business, market your business within the industry by attending relevant trade shows and conferences within, and out of, the area. Be sure to bring along plenty of information like brochures, business cards, fact sheets, and even PowerPoint presentations on your company to give and show others in the industry. Remember, the rule is that you only have 7 seconds to make an impression on others who know nothing about what you have to sell and offer so make those seconds count and get passionate and creative in selling your new business to other individuals.

8. Create Memorable Business Cards

Insert Your Business Name Here!

For a business card that won’t be tossed immediately, create an embossed card with a distinctive corporate logo and color scheme and the vital bits of contact information necessary to reaching your home-based business. We use a unique diamond as our logo with periwinkle blue and white coloring scheme that makes for finding this business card amidst the clutter easy! Give out pens with your logo on them, for everyday and unforgettable use.

9. Advertise with PPC and Cool Promotions

Set up PPC (pay per click) advertisements with your site to begin generating sales and offer promotional deals by signing up to work with your business. We offer deals on filing for LLC often, check in with us often to see what our latest deal and collaboration with a new partner is!

10. Remind Your Customers That They Are Number One

Want a testimonial? Don’t forget the customer! They’re the word of mouth that keeps your business alive and thriving so be sure to include them on all of the news and going-ons with your company. Personalize newsletters for clients with their name as though you’re only writing to this client alone, say “thanks” for being a loyal follower by retweeting them on Twitter, and if you get the chance, send out a handwritten “snail mail” letter to let them know that your appreciate their business. Believe us, they’ll remember it and will definitely refer you to friends and family alike!