Pull up a hammock and grab your laptop for this week’s Awesome Affiliates: Just Relax Services.

Just Relax Services is an online service that aids small businesses by providing fresh ideas, business resources, and advice given by some of the best business consultants in the field. Their services include: small business mentoring, social media management, marketing and SEO services, merchant services, business writing, and web/graphic design services.

The thing that really sets Just Relax Services apart from like small business resource centers is their genuine yearning to help grow their customers’ businesses. It even says right on their home page, “We want to hear about your vision! Call us today for free advice on starting or growing your small business.”

This genuine attitude stems from the founder and brains behind the operation: Millicent (also fondly referred to as Melissa) Walters.

(Read in a typical game show host voice, you know the one) Melissa enjoys spending time with her husband, playing with her children, and long walks on the beach.

Melissa’s entire business career up to this point can be explained as nothing less than a labor of love. She tore into the business world at the ripe age of 16 when she started her own web design company. A few businesses that had run their course, four children, and experiencing her husband’s lay off later, Melissa knew a business plan change was pertinent on the horizon.

“[My husband and I] were done working for someone else and running the rat race that can never be won. It was time to make something great from a not so great situation.” –Melissa Walters

With mouths to feed and a husband newly out of work, the idea was borne to begin an online small business resource center. She had plenty of experience in the field due to the countless amounts of family and friends that had come to her in high demand of business advice. Plus, being the connoisseur of entrepreneur ventures she had become, she became the perfect candidate for helping other entrepreneurs who found themselves fumbling their way through the world of business.

The idea for the name of the company “Just Relax Services” came originally from a past business venture. Just Relax Services was intended to be the name of a travel agency Melissa had started. She then relayed the connotation of vacationing to helping small businesses. Beginning or bettering a business can be exhausting, so who wouldn’t rather ‘just relax’ and let business professionals take the reins?

As for the future?

Just Relax Services plans on implementing ‘how to’ videos on their website to make the business process that much easier. Has starting or managing a business ever been so relaxing?

Interested in becoming an affiliate with MyCorporation or finding more information about Just Relax Services? Contact Cindi Sokoloff, Affiliate Manager at MyCorporation at (818) 746-2264 ext 320.