Calling the weather outside ‘hot’ is not a descriptive enough adjective anymore. More accurately we’re at a place somewhere between so scorching to the point where your face might melt off and Dante’s Inferno. All throughout the country, the temperatures and humidity keep raising the stakes to the point where the mere thought of leaving home is exhausting. Especially for those who awake to 80 degree temps already and only see them continue to keep rising throughout the afternoon…101…105…110…

Offices everywhere have been running their air conditioners nonstop and keeping cool environments available for sweaty employees, but for one pretty penny. With several cities suffering from power outages, overworking the thermostat has been discouraged in saving both power and money. Without sufficient AC, employees will undoubtedly be upset about the sticky situation at hand, but there are ways to cut down on the cost and stay relatively comfortable. Everyone think winter thoughts…

Stay Hydrated

Keeping plenty of water on hand is an absolute must. Many companies also feature ice machines in their fridges and freezers to further chill drinks with. While it’s easy to visit Starbucks and pick up a latte as a ‘wake me up’ morning perk, it’s better for your body and all-around disposition to get in those 8 daily glasses of crisp, cold water.

Fan Out!

Keep a stand-alone or desktop fan at your workstation if you happen to work in a crowded space or one that is tremendously hot. Real Simple magazine advises to also keep a shallow bowl of ice in front of your fan for an even cooler breeze- the melted ice that evaporates will be sure to bring you just enough frostiness for the long afternoon.

Go on a Field Trip

Take your office on an impromptu field trip out for some ice cream or frozen yogurt- ours does and it’s a big thrill for the entire office! And if you can’t take everyone out for sweet treats, bring them to the office and keep them in the freezer for everyone to enjoy on their breaks.

Dress Light

Hotter temperatures call for more relaxed and looser fitting clothing. If you have a fairly strict dress code, lighten it up for the summer. Bring on the shorts, skirts, sandals, and cotton shirts- remember cotton breathes and will allow your skin to feel cooler! But don’t use a lighter dress code to bare all. Keep it conservative when in the workplace. Use summertime to bring out shades of coral, lavender, and turquoise- punch it up at work with punchy shades!

Close the Blinds

Working next to a big window where the sunlight is zeroing in on you like a microscope? Close the blinds or drapes to keep the temperature of the room less stifling.

Let Your Computer ‘Sleep’

Don’t forget about your computer in the office! Depending on the size of the fan they have, you’ll find it smart to put your computer on sleep mode when you aren’t using it. On sleep mode, the computer will use less heat and won’t be at as much risk of overheating. Shut down your computer at the end of every day too, not just only on the weekends when you know you won’t be in the office.