This week’s Awesome Affiliates may ring a bell due to their previous mention when we highlighted Hayley Hoverter, the 16-year-old inventor of Sweet SerenDipItTea.  Hayley is working with Roozt, being the socially responsible product/service promoters they are. After all, her savvy, soluble sugar packets are particularly of the eco friendly variety. Here they are this week to share some helpful tips on how to have the best possible business with the most positive outcome, not only for yourself, but for our Earth.

You’re starting a business.  You have your idea, your plan, maybe you’re already all set up with your LLC because MyCorp is that fabulous.  Great job!

Now ask yourself, is my emerging company doing anything to make the world a better place?  Really think about it for a second.  If your answer is yes, then skip on to the next MyCorp blog post!  But if your answer is no, I challenge you to stop and think about how you can harness your power as an entrepreneur to change the world.

Integrating a socially responsible cause, such as using eco-friendly products, using only fair trade products, or at the very least donating a portion of sales to a charitable cause, into your business is not only great for the world, but also great for your business.  When presented with a choice, 79% of consumers would choose a brand that is associated with a cause over one that is not — and this can boost your sales exponentially.  The best part is that this boost not only helps you, but also has tangible impact on improving the world.

So here’s how to do it:

1. Find your passion – As entrepreneurs, we all know that passion is essential to build anything great.  This is no different story.  If you are not in love with the cause you are supporting, it will become tedious and be tossed to the side — something we both want to avoid.  Passion means you think and care about it, even in times when you’re not supposed to.  And it means you are going to get so much joy out of seeing your impact, that contagious energy will propel you to do even more great things.

2. Make it a core part of your business plan – There is heavy criticism by the media about “Cause Washing” and “Green Washing”, because the belief is that corporations are making millions of dollars in revenue and donating pennies to charity, so I urge you to think differently.  Instead of donating a portion of sales, figure out a way to truly build that social responsibility into your business model so that it is sustainable, it is impactful, and it is at the heart of your business. Consumers can smell a fake from a mile away, and it will consequently hurt your sales.

3. Stay involved and be transparent with your consumers – The most important part of cause integration is the communication with your customers.  Be upfront about what you are doing and quantify your impact for them so they can support your initiative by telling their friends.  Making this easy for your customers will encourage them to spread the word about your great company and help increase sales further.

Now is the time to integrate a cause into your for-profit business — when you are in the beginning stages of your business, rather than taking it on at a later stage in development — not just because it is the right thing to do for society, but also because it will help your business to be successful as well.  You the passion, now unleash it on the world in a way that will help leave the planet a better place already have.

Roozt is an online platform that connects socially responsible companies with ethical shoppers. If you’d like more information, please contact Melissa Levick, Business Development, at 310-640-3700.

Interested in becoming an affiliate with MyCorporation or finding out more about Roozt? Contact Cindi Sokoloff, Affiliate Manager at MyCorporation at (818) 746-2264 ext 320.