There’s nothing quite like having your own set of business cards. Small and laminated with embossed print and designs, they fit perfectly into shirt pockets and wallet slots. In a moment’s notice, they’re easy to pass out and give to future clients and at networking events. These cards proclaim your responsibility within a company: who you are, what you do, how they can reach you if necessary. There is a degree of pride that comes with your business card, so why not make it stand out against the others? posted a list of the 100 best business cards from 2010 last year as they rounded out the year. Undoubtedly since that year, more imaginative and environmentally savvy cards have cropped up. From the outstanding list last year, the selection ranged wide in color, design, and functionality. You wouldn’t have quite thought that business cards could serve as being functional, but depending on the industry function speaks louder and stays with you longer than just a simple laminated card. Glider created a card that could be folded into a tiny airplane and Russian website went for a card that glowed in the dark (very nifty to find if you’re missing it!). Other cards were quite literally the picture of their company- a director’s clapboard for Feelme Crew and a cookie shaped wafer for the Bombay Bakery.

Business cards have come a long way, baby, since being plain and straightforward. And what better way to get a set from card creating masterminds Vistaprint than incorporating with MyCorporation for a set of 250, styled to exactly your preference? Incorporate with us by 8/31/2011 and you’ll receive as part of the package a set of swanky new cards just in time for your new business!