Need to know the best hotel rates in the city you’re about to travel to? There’s an App for that. Want to find the perfect gift for your 5 year anniversary? There’s an App for that.  Ever wonder how many cats you can fit into your Subaru? There’s probably an App for that…

Apps are becoming a quotidian part of, not just our virtual, but tangible lives.  AppAhead is taking the App craze and aiding small businesses in implementing personal Apps tailored to them:

As a Small Business, you need to stay connected with your customers.  In this increasingly mobile and social environment, your customers are turning to their phones and other mobile devices more often, so are you staying ahead of your competition and getting a mobile App for your business?  You should be.  Mobile Apps have exploded in popularity, and it’s not all fun and games.  Sure, you can download a game to your phone to pass time, but take a look at your local fast food restaurant, auto repair shop, or Movie Theater – more than likely they’re sporting an App too.  The latest trend is to make your own App, but that can be very costly to build and maintain if you do the development in-house.  AppAhead is an affordable alternative to doing it all yourself.

AppAhead has a Do-It-Yourself App building platform that helps you build an App using templates that are tailored to different businesses and industries.  Whether you run a restaurant or auto shop, or you provide a service like a realtor, photographer, or fitness trainer, an App can help boost sales and set you apart from your competition by helping you stay connected with your customers – by offering deals, promoting other services, and being more accessible to do business.  Businesses that want to stay connected with their customers will benefit from having a mobile App the most.  You can give your customers the option to submit restaurant orders, showcase your recent projects, real estate listing, specials, and much more.

The Do-It-Yourself platform is customized for restaurants, shops, hotels, realtors, yellow pages and many others.  Most functionality can be added with the click of a button, and AppAhead handles all the workflows, so you can either integrate with your existing systems or get email alerts.  Whether you’re a restaurant owner, realtor, or you run a car audio shop, you can get an App with the essential functionality to stay connected with your customers anywhere, anytime.

You don’t even need to be technical; you can upload your information on the web or pick up the phone to get started.  With your logo and content ready, AppAhead will develop a custom App and submit it to Apple’s App Store and the Android Market.  Once you have an App, you can maintain the content using a web based Content Management System.  Upload a new restaurant menu, a new price-list, maybe you want to promote a new service – no problem!

Building an App yourself has a lot of upfront costs, but it can be extremely costly in the long haul having to maintain it for multiple mobile platforms – iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile – and what do you do when the next one emerges?

It’s well known that in order to be successful running your own business, you need to make good decisions and get the most out of the resources you have.  A low cost way to get your business front and center for your customers, and differentiate you from the competition, is what AppAhead specializes in.  We know what businesses want most, so we tailored our platform that way: Dynamic media and content that you change on the fly, Push notifications, social network integration, custom forms, GPS location features – and more.  We make it simple, so what are you waiting for?  Put your business front and center with a Mobile App.    If you’d like to discuss a custom design, or have a great idea for an App, drop us an email at

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