BOO! Halloween is here! Time to break out festive decoration and the office candy jar. When decorating for the spooky season there are a few things to keep in mind. Although you may want to turn the office into a haunted house complete with ghouls and goblins, too much décor is probably not the way to go. Consider the following tips before you decorate the office.

Beware of the Dreaded Distraction…

We all love the festive spirit that goes along with Halloween. However, remember that you are at work to, well, work! Dozens of streamers, cut out ghosts, talking pumpkins and bats with glowing eyes might impede your productiveness. Decorations are used to create a mood or a feeling of the holiday. Creating a full blown haunted house is definitely over the top! A few pumpkins, ghost cut outs and of course, the office candy jar, will give your office the feeling of Halloween without being distracting.

Treacherous Roads Ahead… Put Safety First

Yes, this sounds redundant, but safety is always a must. When decorating the office, make sure that all decorations are firmly attached to the wall or ceiling and are out of the way. Keep moving parts, light up eyes or chirping bats to a minimum. You certainly don’t want Sarah, who was frightened by a howling ghost, to jump thus bumping into Doug, who is carrying hot coffee, who subsequently spills all over Mary. Yikes! No need for alarm, but make sure you keep in mind safety first while decorating the office.

Consider Your Audience If You Dare…

Do you have a busy office? If so, consider the consequences of decorations that chirp, howl or scream every time someone walks by them. Also, make sure your decorations are tasteful. Blood, guts and gore, although they go along with the Halloween theme, are probably inappropriate for the office. You don’t need to decorate the office as if it was a preschool, however try to keep a neutral tone when it comes to blood, guts or death.

So go on, get out there! It’s time to decorate! If nothing else, make sure the office candy bowl is well stocked. If you do choose to fill the office with the Halloween spirit, keep the above tips in mind. Happy decorating!