Don’t miss tomorrow’s webinar: It’s Your Biz: How to Get From Start-up to Million $$$ Plus by Susan Solovic.

Susan is an award-winning journalist and entrepreneur who specializes in helping potential business owners find their way to entrepreneurship.

Tomorrow’s webinar will include how to:

  • Evaluate your true motivation.
  • Assess your personality: Do you have the right stuff?
  • Understand the difference between creating a job and building a business.
  • Write the last chapter first: building a vision
  • Understand that passion doesn’t equal profit.
  • Channel purpose, promise, practice, persistence and process -the 5 “P’s” you need.
  • Come to know people matter. Make smart choices.

The webinar Takes place Thursday, December 1, 2011 12:00 – 1:00 ET and is free of charge. Register here.

“It’s your business. Enjoy it and share the rewards.” – Susan Solovic