It’s that time of year again. Time to make your New Year’s resolution, or resolutions. Most of us make the usual resolutions, to lose weight, save money or go to church more frequently. Personal growth goals are certainly a great idea. However, what about resolutions you can make for your business? Taking a step back and evaluating your 2011 performance can help you move successfully forward into 2012. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Start up!
If you have been thinking about starting a business, or starting another business, now is a great time to do so! Business typically picks up a great deal during the first of the year. Use this momentum to help you realize your dream of owning a small business. Take time during your holiday vacation to create a business plan. Talk to friends and other entrepreneurs who have gone through the process to help you get started. When you’re ready, give MyCorporation a call. We can help you incorporate your business making your entrepreneurial dream a reality!

Go back to your business plan
When you first created your business, no doubt you had a business plan outlining company policies and goals you hoped to achieve. Take a minute and go back over your plan in the New Year. Have you accomplished the things you set out to accomplish? Is your business operating on a day-to-day basis in the way in which you intended it to? Your business plan is really the skeleton, the bones, of your business. If you have broken, or missing parts, you can’t hope you function successfully. Give your business a thorough once over to ensure things are functioning properly.

After reviewing your business plan, take a moment to focus. Think back over the past year. Ask yourself what worked and what didn’t? Are there certain policies that have become outdated? Are all of your employees performing to company standards? Is your business fulfilling its purpose? Are you doing everything you can in your role, whether it is owner or employee, to contribute to the success of the business? Focus on the other pieces of the business, outside of the business plan, and assess what is working and what isn’t. Staying in tune with the day-to-day happenings of the company will help you stay on track.

Look Ahead
Now that you have reviewed the inner workings of your business, take time to create new goals. How do you want your firm to grow this year? What new accounting or billing strategies are on the market that can help your business? What are your new hiring needs? Make a list of goals you hope to achieve each quarter, and by this time next year. Think of the business as a train, always moving forward.

This year, consider making a new years resolution for your small business. Whether it be starting your first business, or maintaining a current one, give your start up some love! Happy New Year from all of us here at MyCorporation!