Q: What’s better than having a three day weekend?

A: Having a four day workweek that follows!

Ever notice how the beginning of the year starts off with a string of holidays? After Christmas and New Year’s Day we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, spring break (for the lucky few) and Easter. Yet from Memorial Day to Labor Day there is only one day off – the Fourth of July.

Why are June and August the only months that don’t have holidays? Do you feel more productive during these months, or less? What about the current (late winter / early spring) season? Are you more productive now with various days off each month?

What about this past Presidents’ day week? Were you more productive then? We want to know whether you would take a Monday or Friday off from the workplace.

Pros for having Monday off:

–          The Friday before a long weekend feels great knowing you have three full days off.

–          When the thought “Monday is around corner” arrives, you can laugh it off.

–          The four day workweek that follows.

Pros for taking Friday off:

–          The four day work week that precedes a long weekend.

–          Getting the day off when you you’re not going to be that productive anyway.

–          Waking up Saturday knowing your normal weekend would have just started.

I suppose the cons are about the same for each; some people want a 4 day week first, others want it second. Some want longer to recover, others want longer to party. We can all agree that any day off is great, but which do you think is better? Monday or Friday? See what other think here.

I suppose the next question is if you can accomplish in 4 days what you usually do in 5 days, shouldn’t every week be a 4 day week? How does your company handle this issue? Does your company have flex days or other benefits you love? What are your thoughts about work hours, work/life balance, or Monday vs. Fridays off?  Comment below or check our Facebook!