Listen live tonight on “The Fran Tarkenton Show” on Sirius XM Stars Too, Channel 104, at 8:30 PM EST as our CEO Deborah Sweeney joins Fran to discuss being an entrepreneur in today’s changing and competitive market.

Deborah will also be discussing with Fran the excitement and stress that entrepreneurs and small business owners can come to expect while running their business.

Fran Tarkenton is a former quarterback and Hall of Fame member for the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings. Each week, you can catch him on live on Mondays from 6-9 PM (EST) for his weekly call-in talk show, “The Fran Tarkenton Show.”

“I’m a longtime advocate of entrepreneurship and creative thinking, and I’m a huge fan of talk radio, so this opportunity is a big thrill for me,” Fran says. “I’m looking forward to connecting with Sirius XM listeners around the country about everything happening in the world of politics, business and sports, the fascinating convergence in these areas and more.”