Pinterest has received quite a bit of positive attention, mainly due to its filling of the niche demographic of younger women, but is it destined for social media greatness, or will it fizzle and be sent to the same grave that MySpace and Google+ have been relegated to?

In the hopes of answering these questions, Social Media Today is hosting a webinar to discuss how Pinterest made such a splash, how it will mesh with other social media juggernauts, and what the future of the new kid on the block will hold. Our very own CEO Deborah Sweeney will appear on the panel to give her expertise regarding the legal concerns of the service. Mrs. Sweeney has also written for Social Media Today on the copyright woes Pinterest may soon face.

The webinar will be held tomorrow, March 13th starting at 12:00pm EST/9:00am PST. You have to register to attend, which you can do here, but the webinar is completely free for anyone interested.