MyCorporation has a new product: MyCorpSocial!

MyCorpSocial is a social media starter kit that aids small businesses in setting up their online presence through social networking sites. It helps all you business owners through the basics of setting up personal and professional business accounts with the four most popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Along with including a how-to guide in navigating and using these sites, MyCorpSocial will teach you the basics in how to reach out to customers via social networks, increase a fan base, and give tips on social media etiquette. The kit also includes free templates to customize the look and feel of your online profiles and a glossary of social media terminology.

MyCorpSocial is included with the purchase of any of MyCorporation’s incorporation or LLC packages.

Check out MyCorpSocial at:

If you have any questions concerning the kit feel free to give us a ring: (877) 692-6772