Last month, we conducted our first ever MyCorp 2012 Survey for Small Business with five quick questions on the state of small businesses in 2012 and beyond with questions that focused on consumer spending, business spending, predicted growth of the business in 2013, the social media outlet you’re looking to establish for your brand, and quite literally the state of your small business – where you’re putting your business out on the map and which states are the most popular to form a small business in!

We tallied up the votes on Constant Contact, conducted the random drawing for our lucky $50 Starbucks gift card winner (congrats to Elizabeth Sneed!), and the results are in from our voters!

1) What State is Your Business In?

Four states vied for the top spot in our polls with New York taking in fourth place and Florida and Texas snatching third and second place respectively. The number one spot was easily no contest with California snagging top honors, with a healthy number of C-Corporations formed throughout the state as our infographic from earlier this summer showed!

2) 2013 Spending Budget For Your Business

2013 met a very close tie in two sectors at 32% respectively, as businesses in 2013 plan on investing in updated electronics and tech equipment and marketing, including SEO, PR, and social media for their companies next year. Taking in third place at 27% was employees – looks like businesses in 2013 will be expanding their teams too!

3) What Consumers Are Spending Income on in 2013

The holidays may be coming, but that doesn’t mean that our survey shows you’ll be carrying the expense leftover well into the new year! A little over 50% have bill payments on the mind to pay off in 2013.

4) Social Media Outlets – Which Will You Create or Expand in 2013?

Over 50% of you will making several status updates by creating or expanding on your Facebook accounts. Hopping in at 45% is LinkedIn with Twitter rounding up the trio at 26%. (Psst – MyCorp has all three of these accounts in place that you can follow us at!)

5) Your Business in 2013: Expecting Growth?

Our survey says yes! Over 80% of you expect your business to swim on over to the shores of success next year – and we here at MyCorp couldn’t be happier to hear it!