Finding the perfect employee for your small business can leave you caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. You want to hire a candidate who is enthusiastic and a good fit for the position and prepared to work hard. But your budget may not allow you to pay them more beyond hourly wage or provide the full set of full time hours that they want.

Meanwhile, your current staff can’t cope with the extra work, and having an extra pair of hands would be more than welcome. So what is the solution?

Increasing numbers of businesses all over the world are turning to young interns to boost their businesses productivity. In terms of hiring temporary or short term employees, there really is no better solution.

The Ins – Benefits of Hiring an Intern

Often fresh out of college or still an undergrad student, interns are an invaluable asset to any company. Armed with a fresh set of skills, a passion for learning, and a desire to get ahead in their careers, your business really couldn’t find a more perfect employee. But what are the real benefits to your business? How can these young professionals really boost your productivity?

Fresh Ideas

Many people seeking out internships are university graduates or undergrads still studying within their majors. They’re ready to start putting what they’re learned into practice – after years of exams, assignments, and studying; it’s time to take their first steps into their chosen career.

Because of this, they can really bring something new to the table. Interns come with fresh ideas and methods of working, many of which your current workforce would never think of. They can see your products and practices in a whole new light. They can see whole new ways to improve your productivity, sales and revenue – and ultimately, your entire business.

Keen to Learn

Interns are willing and excited to explore new techniques and try different things on the job. They are also eager to impress, as they are looking to make their mark on your business. This means they will be ready to work hard for you.

Give them an appropriate amount of work within the position, instead of having them go for tea and coffee runs. Treat them with the same amount of respect you would with a full time staff member and they’ll do the same to you with the same amount of courtesy and appreciation.

Ready-Trained Employee

When a full time, paid position becomes available, your intern is ready and trained to take on the job. This saves you money on the recruitment process. Why would you re-train someone else, when you have an employee ready and waiting to take on the position?

If you cannot provide your intern a job once their internship is over, you can still lend a hand in helping them find a job elsewhere. Be sure to offer letters of recommendation, and act as a professional reference for your intern. You should also use your contacts to try and help them find a paid position that suits them – either as an intern or employee.

The Outs – The Hidden Pitfalls

Like all aspects of recruitment though, it is important to assess the cons of hiring an intern for your company. Is the process too good to be true? Are there any factors to be aware of before starting up the internship?

Recruiting is Still Involved

If you want to hire an intern, you do still have to go through the recruitment process and luckily social media is making this process faster and more affordable. Candidates are increasingly using social media to aid the job hunt. On Twitter for example, students can search hashtags such as #PRjobs to help hunt around for vacancies. With professional networking platforms like LinkedIn letting them apply for jobs on the site, you can place advertisements at no cost.

Payment Problems

Paying interns is a real issue because not every business has the budget established in place for it. You should always try to offer some sort of compensation – even if it is just a small stipend. Sometimes this can be too much for small businesses and their budgets. If candidates are still at college, you could also try offering telecommuting options. This would allow them to work from home and save on commuting expenses.

Interning is mutually beneficial, when it works well. The benefits of hiring interns far outweigh any potential pitfalls. If your business is looking for a boost, you should definitely begin your hunt for the perfect intern today!

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