As another holiday season is upon us, it’s important to remember everyone involved with your business, and recognize their contributions in a meaningful way. In short, acknowledge the team of people that make it possible to run a successful small business. Here are some simple ways you can recognize their contributions:

  • Throw a holiday party. If budget doesn’t permit, throw a pot luck and give genuine thanks to the team for all of their hard work throughout the year.
  • Write a personalized, handwritten letter. Say something unique to them.
  • Send a funny card. Again, personalization is key.
  • Give random awards to recognize extraordinary outcomes and/or efforts. It’s been proven many times that recognition is a stronger motivator then money and you can have a lot of fun creating an award for everyone based off of their talents!
  • Adopt a charity to focus on the seasons of giving. Let the team choose the organization they feel best represents your culture and values.

Don’t forget your clients and customers either. Sending them a meaningful holiday card email or gift basket communicates your appreciation for their support. Your business partners and vendors should not be neglected either.

Offering gifts and bonuses is wonderful, but what really matters is showing gratitude and providing a genuine sense of community.

Your business—and your team morale—will be stronger for it.

David Nilssen is the CEO & Co-Founder of Guidant Financial. Read more tips about becoming a successful entrepreneur in his book, Making the Jump into Small Business Ownership.