Last Friday, the MyCorp team took a break from the work day to take on the challenge on building gingerbread houses – with a twist. Each team was given only 30 minutes, 2 packages of graham crackers, a can of frosting, and a huge pile of candy to build the ultimate gingerbread house. And boy were our teams creative! Check out the winners below and their creative gingerbread houses!

Our billing and social media department combined forces to create a two story home with Santa outside in MyCorp’s Best. (There’s a lack of a chimney so I think Santa’s gonna go in through the licorice front door with this one.)

Abstract with a million gumdrops was what landed our tech team with the Most Contemporary Design award! Could it be the next great piece of architecture a la Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater? We’ll see how the cookie crumbles…

MyCorp’s Most Spirited went to Deborah and Dana, who made sure to make the gingerbread house as incorporation and LLC friendly as possible, right down to including their own headshots on the roof.

With a sunroof and plenty of candy cane “palm” trees in the yard, our sales team nailed it when it comes to creating the Best Representation of a California Christmas.

And last but not least our customer service team made all of our dreams of a white Christmas come true with their gingerbread house, voted Cutest.