“Hello? Is (insert name) available please?”

For anyone who works in a sales driven job, they know just how daunting it can be at first to face the fear of calling strangers and asking for a sale. Termed ‘cold calling’ in the business world, this is one of the most commonly cited fears for many in the industry, from both new employees, and experienced workers.

But many also have a fear in calling in general and if your office is quite quiet, it can be daunting picking up the phone knowing that everyone is listening.

One of the major issues with phone fear is that it is not often spoken about. Many do not want to admit that they might feel that surge of anxiety when reaching for the phone, or that they spend ten or twenty minutes before each call working up the nerve to dial. For some, it seems that they are alone in this. But that’s not true at all. Phone anxiety is much more common than one would think, and at times all professionals in this field face the same fear. However, many have come up with ways to be able to work through the fear, and end up becoming excellent sales people.

Here are a few tips to help overcome phone fear in the office:

  • Realize that most phone fear stems directly from fear of rejection. No one wants to make a pitch and hear ‘sorry, not interested’ as the response. This is completely natural. Take a deep breath and accept that some people just may not be interested in what you’re trying to sell. It’s nothing personal against you or the company. As soon as you realize that, you can keep moving forward and making cold calls.
  • Work with a style that is comfortable. Some might have been trained by the office pro in their calling approach, which could end up feeling far too aggressive or uncomfortable for many, leaving them sunk before they even pick up the phone. Be natural and conversational.  How can you go about doing this? Start by saying hello and asking how the person doing. Are they having a good day? Do they have any plans for the weekend? Chat briefly about what they’re up to before heading into the sales portion of the call.
  • Think like the customer and realize that they most likely get quite a few calls each day asking for a sale. Be patient and understanding, but also determine what their potential needs, objections and questions might be. This will go a long way in being able to deflect any potential rejections.

By employing these techniques and getting more comfortable with customers, over time the phone fear will start to dissipate until it completely goes away. The only way you will build up your confidence is to practice, practice, practice. By picking up the phone and trying, you can work through the fear – but don’t forget that you are not alone. With the help and support of senior members of the sales team, you’ll soon find yourself cold calling like a pro!

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