How stressful was tax time this year?  Are you looking forward to forgetting all about Schedule C’s and 1099-whatzit’s until 2014? We don’t blame you. But what if I told you that taxes don’t have to be stressful and with the right preparation tax time could breeze by just like spring?

In fact, Outright is offering an email series “Spring Clean Your Business Finances” to do just that – get your business finances in order so you can master tax time 2014 (and beyond).

The six-mail series will breakdown the reasons that tax time is so trying for small business owners, and give you helpful to do’s you can implement today so that taxes never get the better of you again. You’ll learn important things like:

  • Why you may be paying too much in taxes
  • How real small business owners handle tricky tax issues
  • The one good rule of thumb for expensing your in-town trips
  • How the finally master the one overlooked tax that most small business owners owe

Plus, the advice is doled out in 6 weekly emails, so you won’t be overwhelmed. It will be a lot easier than actual hands-and-knees spring-cleaning, and just imagine how much better you’ll feel when it’s done! Even better, people who sign up for the course by April 29th get a discount code on Outright Plus for new Plus subscribers.

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