The name of the game this week is “Professional Corporation,” which happens to help protect your personal assets. That’s right, we have a triple “P” ABCs of MyCorp post, so buckle up for some serious alliteration.

A Professional Corporation is one of the more common types of entities for business owners to choose. The paperwork is a bit on the extensive side (especially compared to an entity like a Sole Proprietorship) but all that paperwork is well worth it because, as our title suggests, a Professional Corporation protects your personal assets.

A Professional Corporation does this by separating you (and your personal assets) from your business. This means that if your business were ever in deep trouble and owed some big time money, you wouldn’t be obligated to hand over your house or other assets.

This can make accounting trickier than if you opted for a simpler entity but, like I said, the protection makes it well worth it. You’ll also be paying taxes based on what you choose to pay yourself from your business. This means more money towards growing your business, and what business owner doesn’t want that?

So if you’re doing some entity shopping, be sure to keep the Professional Corporation as an option, especially if you’re looking for something protective.