For the last month, we’ve been holding a “Biggest Loser” challenge here at the office, but with a MyCorp twist, and are excited to share the results of what our team has accomplished in staying healthy!

We had 12 participants, ages 24-60 and all put in $20 to enter the competition. We had weekly weigh ins and collectively, we lost 59 pounds. Kristin, Cindi, and Scott did exceptionally well – way to go, you guys!

In a recent article with the LA Times, researchers reported that conducting weight loss-programs at work can help employees to lose weight and keep it off. Additionally, blood pressure and cholesterol levels improve as well – it seems like when people are eating healthier and exercising, they naturally feel better and more energized, leading to increased productivity. Not only does the quality of work improve, but office morale goes up too!

And that’s where our MyCorp twist to our challenge came in. Instead of being super competitive or trying to sabotage one another, we worked as a team and were encouraging  each other to do well the whole time by working out together, bringing healthy snacks to share, starting a “Healthy Inspiration” board on Pinterest,  and sharing tips and tricks on working out.

Awesome job, all around to our participants here at Team MyCorp!