By Scott Dutton

A good and working contact form is essential. Many websites include their contact details such as address, phone number, and email but do not use a contact form and miss the leads that they can capture from this valuable tool. People believe that most visitors get irritated on filling a form! Sometime when using a very long contact form the fact that it takes so much time it turns people off to contacting you. Every website, whether fashion, corporate, educational, or entertainment based, has a method in place for site visitors to be able to contact them. Having one central “contact us” page is a good idea to create on a website, but a much better idea is to create several contact forms on specific site pages that a visitor is able to fill out and submit.

Contact forms can help you avoid vagueness in the visitor inquiries. How exactly? If you have contact details with no contact form available, potential customers contacting you may have various problems or they might be seeking some special advice or information from you, without providing the necessary details you require to answer them back! One person might want to get in touch with management, while the other may have questions about the products. Some people may want to complain and others may have suggestions or want to say thanks. For some companies, the ability to respond quickly might make the difference in a sale or a conversion. Being able to address all of these concerns may take too long if your website is lacking a quality contact form! If you go solely with having email address on your website, the inquiries you get might not be very useful at all, and it will be difficult for you to figure out exactly what the person contacting you actually wants from you.

A contact form acts as a conversion point and you can even track the response of visitors. People wanting to contact you indicate they want to make some kind of connection with you, and now it is up to you to see how you respond to their needs. Having a quality contact form that allows people to get in touch with you from any page in your site is a valuable tool to create these conversations and help build your business.

The best part about contact forms online is that there are so many different kinds of forms that are free to set up initially. It’s only when you use other tools or combine services that these companies such as and Fast Secure Contact Forms offer a free contact form setup and they work well on any site. You can search, and many other free web development companies out there and find many free plugins that will help any small business become more successful. With all the free resources available online, there’s no reason why your website won’t be prepped with a great contact form!

Scott Dutton is a freelance writer, children’s ebook author, and online marketing specialist. He writes for many online publications, as well as CNN IReport and many online marketing blogs. His latest project is an online marketing and report piece about Google, that he is compiling that will be published soon. Find Scott on Google+ here.