Black FridayWe’re really getting in the Thanksgiving spirit here at MyCorp! Not only are we all prepping our turkeys, and candying our yams, but we are prepping for our upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales as well! It seems that with the passing of each Thanksgiving, there is a new sales day added into the mix. What was once Black Friday, is now the trio of Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday. Companies and customers alike are choosing to partake in all three!

We noodled on it and thought the entire sales weekend should just have its own name – something that combines and explains Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. We turned to our fellow small business owners and here’s what they came up with!

1. “Elbows Out Weekend”

– Linda Parry, Esq, Senior Vice President, MSCO: Your Marketing sucks!

2. “Savember”

– Alexander Shockley, Vice President of Accounts, Shockley Marketing LLC

3. “Happy Small Blacksgiving Cyberversary!”

– Steven Sashen, CEO, Xero Shoes

4. “Turkey, Shop, Go – See You Turkey’s at the Finish Line” (The logo would be a circle encompassing a start line and shoppers lined up with turkeys behind it!)

– Mike Kawula, Founder, Self Employed King

5. “Whole Wallet Weekend”

– Arden Clise, Business Etiquette Consultant, Clise Etiquette

6. “Tshopnami!”

– Joel Selmeier, Sculptor, Peace Pole

7. “Cold Days, Hot Deals Weekend”

-McCollonough Ceili, Irish/American Author

8. “A Frugal Diva’s Weekend”

– Aimee Brittain, The Coupon Diva

9. “FriCy Shopping Blitz”

– Jill Haseltine, Founder and CEO, Deliberate Nation, LLC

10. “Shopaganza”

– Rose Hillbrand, Director of Sales & Marketing, Eagle Financial Solutions

11. “Toss the Turkey Days”

– Martha Tiller, Pres/CEO, Martha Tiller Company

12. “Let’s Find it Cheaper Online Weekend”

– Guy Smith, Silicon Strategies Marketing 

13. “Just Because It’s on Sale, Doesn’t Mean You Should Buy It Weekend Sale”

– Kyle James, Founder, Rather-Be-Shopping

14. “Blyber Weekend!”

– David Viggiano, Media Director, Alpaytac Marketing

We love these super creative answers! Happy Thanksgiving, and happy shopping, folks!

If you’d like to find out what we have on sale this weekend, give us a call at 1-877-692-6772 to find out!