5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need Video for Marketing (Like, Now!) Let’s get to the point: short videos are becoming as important as your website. They are a powerful way to make friends and influence people and to build a strong brand presence online so people want to do business with you. You need start creating these videos now for the following reasons:

1. It Pays Off

According to the Online Publishers Association, when you go visit a website, you are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video. Now, I know that all small businesses aren’t involved in retail, but you get the point. Video works, and it will work for you when you decide to put this tool in your arsenal. And guess what? That time is now.

2. It’s Hot

In social media, almost everything you see that people are sharing are videos of some sort. People want the ease of watching what is hot and trending right now, they don’t want to read what is hot. You can turn this ginormous cultural trend to your branding and marketing advantage. By their online habits, people are telling you how they like to communicate. Listen up!

3. It’s Engaging

Your customers want to see a face. They don’t want to interact with a large corporation’s Twitter account, they want to engage with YOU the person who represents the brand. In the same way, customers, both present and future, want feel like they are being cared for and treated like the great customer they are.

4. It’s Easy

It doesn’t take much to produce a good quality video thanks to the new technology right at our fingertips. Obviously, you can always spend money on a production crew and all of that, but for the cash-strapped entrepreneur, your iPhone could do the job just fine. The most important thing to remember here is never sacrifice the quality of the content, but don’t get caught up in thinking it has to be good enough to make it in Hollywood either.

5. It’s Fun

Video is a great way to engage and succeed as an entrepreneur, but it is also a great way to just have fun with your work. Trying to manage a small business is not an easy thing, but you can do it! So take a half day sometime soon and go out to your favorite getaway spot around town and get someone to video you and just start talking like your customers are right in front of you.

Videos are meant to be fun, informative and a great tool to engage with your loyal customers.

They want to see you. Now.

John Williams is the CEO at LogoGarden.com, a free DIY design and website company.