Garden_Shop_OwnersIn this week’s ABCs of Small Business Industry piece, we’re taking a little look at the farming industry! Since the beginning of time, farming has been a staple in just about every community. Though some of the technology to help the process along has changed drastically, the consistent need for farming has not altered much throughout the years.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a farmer, this is the post for you!

First, how do you start a business in the Farming Industry?

The first step in getting started in the farming industry is picking which sector you’d like to go into: animal, crop, or wind. This will affect what supplies you’ll need to purchase, and where your farm should be located. Obviously an animal farm may need to be in a different location than a crop farm. If you don’t plan on moving states, but know that farming is the route for you, look into what types of farming are most popular in your area. Next, new farmers should familiarize themselves with farming federal, state and local business laws and regulations. And don’t forget that all farms have to register as an official business: sole proprietors, partnerships, or LLCs. Though, as the business owner, you get to pick which entity best suits your needs, and the needs of your business.

How healthy is the industry?

The farming industry has a history of helping to pump workflow back into the economy. Not only is it a consistently needed industry, it aids the consistent need for work. Of course the industry can fluctuate depending on the weather and your area (like the California farmers experiencing a heavy drought currently), but farms have a cyclical way of bouncing back even after unexpected occurrences.

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