incorporate in WisconsinToday’s H is for the hospitality industry! The Hospitality Industry is a broad industry that covers the spectrum of hotels/motels, event planning, theme parks, various vacation methods, and, sometimes, dips into the tourism industry. 

One of the best things about the hospitality industry is that it employs so many people. With every opening of another amusement park, hotel, or cruise line, hundreds of people are gaining jobs. It truly does take a village. It’s proven to be one of the best industries for our economy. That being said, a business in this industry can, at times, be difficult to maintain if you don’t take the necessary steps to success. So be prepared to give your hospitality business your all!

How do I get started? 

Because hospitality businesses can be tricky down the road to maintain, it’s important to start small. Maybe instead of jumping into a full-blown 10 story hotel, you try out a smaller scale bed and breakfast first. Whichever part of the hospitality industry you’re interested in, it’s ok to start with a little and build as you go and as the money comes in.

Though it’s ok to start small, you do need to come up with a BIG concept to get started. All hotels, motels, theme parks, cruise lines, etc need to be based around an eye-catching, appealing idea that will draw in customers simply by hearing the name and theme. Don’t rush the thinking process and really come up with something that you are passionate about and would attend yourself, but something that appeals to the masses as well.

After that, building a hospitality business is pretty similar to building any other business: create a solid business plan to appeal to investors, check out the necessary licensing and permit information that applies to the state you’ll be located in, and file to protect your business and personal assets!

How healthy is the industry?

According to “The Top 6 Benefits of Working in the Hospitality Industry,” though the industry was hit by the recession, it recovered stronger than ever, ensuring a sense of stability in the job. As the article states, “Being able to survive that type of trial shows just how robust hospitality is as an industry.” 

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