When you think of small business, you probably don’t think of environmental industries. Environmental protection, monitoring, and compliance all seem covered by the government. After all, they have an agency dedicated solely to the protection of the environment. Environmental IndustryHowever, the general movement towards environmental consciousness has created a demand for service, tech, and consulting businesses in the environmental industry. But what does it take to get started in this new industry? And is it healthy enough to support new businesses?

How do you start a business in the environmental industry?

That all depends on what sort of service you’re providing. Currently, the most popular types of business are engineering, consulting, and waste management. Environmental engineering and consulting are both huge, but both will likely require academic training and some field experience. After all, you’ll be selling your business as a source of outside expertise. Hazardous waste management also requires training and experience, and you’ll have to apply for permits with the EPA and, if they exist, any state-run environmental agencies.

Are there any perks for businesses in this industry?

Loads! Every state is different, but most are willing to offer tax breaks and incentives to companies working to help protect the environment – run your business in an environmentally sound way and you could be eligible for even more. Further, high-tech firms can avail of Small Business Innovation Grants as the program is offered in conjunction with the EPA.

Is the environmental industry healthy?

Very, but the barriers to entry can be high. As we mentioned above, you normally need some sort of training and experience in this field before you can found a business within it. You have to be some sort of expert, or no one will seek you out. But if you can break into the environmental industry, you’ll find a multi-billion dollar market that will continue to grow as the government and other companies invest in environmental monitoring, management, and protection.

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