incorporate in UtahFrom the time of the horse drawn carriage on, trucking has been an essential part of the American economy. It is up to the trucking industry, after all, to deliver any and all goods to various businesses across the nation. A lot of small business really couldn’t happen without the trucking indusry. So with an inherent need in their services, the trucking industry has always been relatively healthy.

Thinking about starting your own trucking business? Here’s what you need to get started:

First of all, make yourself familiar with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA issues all rules and regulations regarding safety of interstate commercial driving. The FMCSA will let you know that all truck and bus drivers in your new business will need a commercial driver’s license in order to operate. To obtain a CDL, your drivers will need special training and additional education.

Once you’re familiar with all of the rules and regulatins of the trucking industry, start thinking about the different classifications of trucking, and which you’d be most interested in persuing. Trucks transport raw materials, finished goods, and works in progress. Choose what it is you’d like to deliver and/or the region you’d like to deliver to.

Next, seek out the necesary protection for your trucking business. Legal protection can be found in the form of an LLC or Corporation– keeping your business as a separate entity from yourself. In addition to the protection plus, inorporating your business will provide tax benefits and add a sense of legitimacy to your business, ensuring your customers that they’re dealing with a professional business.

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