general contractingWith the real estate market having an upward trend, starting a building inspection service business is very attractive. Aside from earning huge profits (if you work hard enough), you are giving yourself the wonderful opportunity of working at your own pace–which is true in most businesses, especially if you are the boss.

Growing your startup building inspection biz could be hard because of the competition but it isn’t impossible. However, without applying the appropriate marketing strategies, your business might fail. To prevent that from happening, here are a few simple marketing strategies that could help boost your biz:

Build your own website

You might be asking yourself whether building a website is necessary when in fact only 53% of small businesses have a website. Though the remaining 47% don’t deem it necessary to have a website, this is your perfect chance to get ahead of them. Remember, today is the technology era. Almost every person acquires information with their laptop or smart phone just by accessing the internet.

If a potential client wants to know more details about your building inspection services, that client won’t hesitate to consult the web. Why? It’s simple. Everyone does not hold a copy of your business brochures or flyers. Where they would turn to? The web. Also, it would be more convenient for them to know about your services more by accessing a globally available source.

Expand your network

Expanding your network plays an essential role in growing your business. One of the most effective methods to increase your network of contacts and potential clients is to give other people you meet with your business cards. You might not know that a simple chat with a stranger would be your best source of your greatest clients.

Aside from sending out business cards, you could ask a favor to some of your most influential friends to introduce you to persons who are connected to your line of fieldwork. Your friends might know realtors or real estate entrepreneurs who (definitely) know several homeowners or business owners who are in need of audit reports for their residential or commercial properties and other forms of building inspection services.

Create an engaging social media presence

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus are great places to create a buzz about yourself–your business. In developing your social media presence, determine what platform works best for you. Most businesses find Facebook and Twitter as effective platforms because these two are the current social media giants where most people spend their time online.

Use the social media to show-off. For example, you have just finished inspecting a landscaping project for a particular client who wants an eco-friendly house, and you felt that you have done a great job, don’t be embarrassed to share your achievements with your followers. With this, you are building a good reputation for your business. When the time comes, if people would be needing a home or building inspection service, you are already etched in their minds. People would come at you and inquire about what you do.

But always remember that managing a social media account for your business also requires a great deal of effort. Have an editorial calendar for your social media posts and be consistent answering queries. If people deem your page to be inactive, all your efforts would be wasted.

To be able to succeed at anything and maximize your business profits, you have to work hard to build your presence and reputation. After all, who would trust a startup building inspection biz? Why would anyone try to risk their money to someone new? But the matter would be different if you have built a great portfolio worth showing off. Sooner or later, you’ll be attracting small-time clients until you whip up a bigger client. Use these simple and practical marketing strategies to boost up your biz.

Mark Brandon is a regular contributor to Safe and Sound Property Inspections blog and other home improvement sites. He is family-oriented and loves being in the shed or helping mates with their houses. If you would like to catch him and pick his brain, you can via Google+ or Twitter: @MarkBrandon01