TarkentonSchoolBadgeSometimes entrepreneurs come to us and say, “I have an idea for a business, I just want to gain a better understanding of running a business before I dive in. Is there an educational institute you can recommend?” While every small business owner opens their first business at different times in life and with varying amounts of education under their belt, there is one particular business school that’s caught our eye. 

The Tarkenton Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Founded by NFL Hall of Famer and veteran entrepreneur Fran Tarkenton (UGA Class of 1961), Tarkenton Companies is committed to serving the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs, operating through several subsidiaries to offer small business resources, tools, and services. Brands include GoSmallBiz, Click2Corp, Tarkenton Financial, and SmallBizClub. Above all, Tarkenton Companies works every day to find new opportunities for service and growth in today’s market,” says the institute’s website. 

Business expert Fran Tarkenton and Terry College are teaming up to provide entrepreneurs the “Most Valuable Partnership.” The Terry College of Business is a top-ranked business school in the U.S. It has an undergraduate enrollment of more than 2,500 students, and graduate programs that include: Master of Business Administration, several specialized Master’s programs, and doctoral programs in Business Administration and Economics.

The entrepreneurship program includes 100 hours of video lectures and hands-on assignments to prepare participants for real-world small business problem solving. Within these 100 hours, six modules will be focused on:

  • Principles of Entrepreneurship
  • Planning Your Venture
  • Funding Your Venture
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Financial and Legal
  • Operations

Whether you’re fresh out of high school and have always known you want to own your own business, or you’ve been living the corporate life and want to break out and try something new, The Tarkenton Certificate of Entrepreneurship could be your next step.

Find out more on the school’s website.