Do you ever sit at your table in a restaurant and think about how your food got there? Why Knowing When to Step Back from Your Business is One of the Most Important Entrepreneurial Skills of AllYou probably wonder where the food came from and how it was prepared. As consumers, we love to know what are products have gone through to get to the final stages. Have you wondered what happens after you submit an order with MyCorporation? There are four key steps that occur to turn a phone call into a full legal filling.  

1. Confirm

Sales TeamAfter a customer submits their order, we check the name availability and make sure we received all necessary information. Once we check those, we personally call you to make sure you understand the expectations of the filing. Each state has different requirements of documentation and therefore, may take different amounts of time to complete. We also make sure that you know the different specifications of your filing state. Because customer service is so important to us, we want to start a conversation with our customers so they feel thoroughly informed.

2. Prepare and Send

After we confirm the filing’s timeframe, the order heads to our terrific processing team. The team carefully reviews the information you gave and uses it to prepare your documents according to the state’s specifications. Next the documents are filed and sent to either the client or the state, depending state’s requirements. As you can probably tell, much of our job revolves around knowing and abiding by each state’s laws. We pride ourselves on our close rapport with the states to ensure we stay on top of all new and changing requirements. After the documents are prepared, we send them to the state for approval. Depending on the state, this can take anywhere from two to twenty days. Once approved, the documents are sent back to be finalized.

3. Finalize

Close-up of secretary’s hands doing paperworkWhen the documents are received from the state, it is time to finalize.  This is where the final package comes together. We double check everything for accuracy and prepare a copy for you. Once finished, we send the final product to your address.

4. Annual Renewal

For most of our customers, compliance does not stop with the initial filing. 72% of our customers take advantage of our renewal services, and the process continues with further filings, such as annual reports. With the Annual Renewal, customers receive an email two weeks prior to billing to confirm the order and their information. Once confirmed, the team repeats steps two and three and finishes by sending a copy to the customer.

Now that you know our process, give us a call at 1 (877) 692-6772 or visit us at, and let us help you start and run your business!