shutterstock_96137972_smallAs we all know, summer tis the season to be distracted. With the sun shining, holidays approaching and school terms ending, it can be all too easy to succumb to the notion that productivity will be waning.

However, when the sun has got his hat on, it is, in fact, possible to turn these distractions into positive ways to significantly improve your output.

Embrace summer in the office

If you’re worried about keeping your staff productive – as well as your own productivity – when a heatwave is looming, there are simple processes you can implement to boost business productivity, and morale with it.

The simple addition of a water cooler can improve focus; ensuring staff remain hydrated, as well as energised, by encouraging them to take regular breaks to walk around the office.

Similarly, a summer ‘spruce’ can help. If it isn’t already, move your desk closer to open windows and ensure blinds are up to allow in natural light and air, keeping you alert and feeling that little bit closer to the, hopefully, glorious weather.

If you’re considering a more drastic implementation, the introduction of flexitime is becoming increasingly popular, with employees adopting a far positive outlook when given the chance to start earlier or later and make the most of their time in the sunshine.

Tidy up

A spring (or summer) clean may traditionally refer to the home, but it applies to your work life too.

Dependent on the nature of your work, many find productivity dipping as business steadies during the summer months. This can only be a good thing for the health of your working environment, however, as it allows an excuse to clean up mailboxes, files and folders ready for when things begin to peak again.

If your inbox is starting to look behold manageable, and you’re not sure which emails to archive and which to pop in the trash, think about using this time to research new tools, such as Cryoserver.

It’s also an excellent excuse to enjoy some fresh air, since the clean-up can easily be done in the sun via your laptop, mobile or tablet.

Start socialising

Summer often means holidays, which also equates to positivity; making it the perfect time to connect with new people.

Social media channels are a great gateway for networking and reaching out to likeminded professionals. Not only that, but channels like Twitter allow you an insight into personal lives; meaning if a potential contact has just returned from holiday, their mood has likely lifted, making it the ideal time to ping them an email – just ensure you allow them to clear their post-holiday inbox first!

If you’re still not completely comfortable with the numerous channels professionals are favouring, Ivory Research have put together a comprehensive social media guide, to walk you through reaching out, as well as ensuring your own profiles are up to scratch.

Learn something new

If you’re lucky enough to work in an environment that does lull slightly during the summer, use this as an excuse to expand your knowledge and skillset.

Whether you prefer paper-backs, podcasts or online articles, pick a place in the sun and get reading.

Many entrepreneurs are still in education when starting their business, so times like this can be an excellent way to ensure learning continues as your company, or career, progresses.

Take a break

Finally, take a break – a proper one!

Reportedly, close to a third of British workers did not take their full holiday entitlement in 2014, despite the UK’s minimum holiday requirement of 28 days being one of the lowest in Europe.

The same survey also revealed taking fewer holidays didn’t equate to higher productivity. In fact, in some cases, it only led to increased sickness.

So plan in a week or two and take some time off. Whether you leave the country, or stay at home, put your emails aside and make the most of summer ready to start afresh when you return. The effect it has on your own productivity and mood, as well as those working around you, can only be a positive one.