shutterstock_107632895_sm2015 is well on its way to the end, with the first quarter already gone. However, it started on a high note in many circles – fuel prices and unemployment are on the decline, and entrepreneurship is in its all-time high. If you are an entrepreneur in 2015 (or not), here are a few powerful ways you can make the rest of this year stand out:

  1. Be positive – Every morning you wake up, expect that something good is going to come out of the day.
  2. Be a believer – If you’re faced with assuming good intention or ill motive, always pick the latter. Being skeptical about everything and everyone just adds to the drudgery of life, but the former leaves room for resolution.
  3. Shun bad news – Unless the news you’re getting or watching is relevant to your life, stay away from stories that annoy or upset you.
  4. Be understanding – throw out your preconceived notions about people and things and allow them to say what they are really saying for better clarity
  5. Make your workplace beautiful – surround your workspace with things that are positive, add beauty and make you feel good about yourself.
  6. One at a time – if you have a task on hand that seems overwhelmingly big, break it down into several components and handle each at a time until you are done. You can use marketing software to help you do this if you’re in internet-related fields.
  7. Breathe deeper – instead of shorter breaths, take in longer bursts of air, which helps your body relax. You will have to start consciously, but soon it will become part of you.
  8. Group your minor tasks – Group your related minor tasks into one single effort to make them easier and faster. Discover efficiency.
  9. Join or create an entrepreneurship community – this is an assemblage of people who share common interests and goals, and they can help you feel better connected as well as positively contribute to your job/business, especially if you face challenges.
  10. Build powerpacked playlists – build yourself a library of music that energizes you and one that calms you when you need it. You can have as many playlists for the different tasks you do from day to day.
  11. Get a working hobby – not watching TV, or sleeping; find a hobby which requires you to exert yourself physically and rewards you with a sense of satisfaction. Click here to learn more about internet marketing related work-hobbies.
  12. Daydream – sometimes just sit and let your thoughts fly around for a while. You can gain insights that can help you accomplish tasks and make your business more productive.
  13. Ditch what you can’t control – devote your time to things you can change, instead of spending time and effort fretting about stuff you have no control over: other people, traffic, the weather, economy, politics etc.
  14. Start with the easy tasks – find the tasks which will have a high net effect on your business/job, and are also easy to do, and begin with those.
  15. Don’t hate – hate eats away your satisfaction and kills your joy. Forgive and forget and move on with things that actually add value to your life.
  16. Eat healthier – try to make healthier food choices, like carrying fruit to snack on while at work instead of reaching for the vending machine.
  17. Eat one delicious thing a day – treat yourself to some really good food once a day instead of loading up fast-food and microwave dinners for survival’s sake.
  18. Be thankful at the end of the day – no matter what happened, have a notebook next to your bed and note down one awesome thing that happened that day. Be thankful for it and the day that passed.
  19. Laugh at yourself – the first step towards overcoming the limitations you have is being able to laugh at your own silliness/clumsiness/inabilities.
  20. Forgive, forgive, forgive – don’t waste your energy and time apportioning blame and punishing others, just let it go and keep moving forward.
  21. Get a massage – and while you’re on that table, clear your mind of work and all other things fighting for your attention. Focus on relaxing yourself and things that make you happy.
  22. Give everyone a gift – whether it’s a smile, a hug, a helpful message or gesture or even just a friendly nod, infuse something positive into people you encounter throughout the day.
  23. Appreciate yourself – pat yourself on the back and give yourself a high-five for your accomplishments.
  24. Meet outsidework friends more often – this helps you to get more balance into your life, and to relax
  25. Diversify your interests – actively invest in finding interests that add to your satisfaction and expand your skills/knowledge outside of your day job.
  26. Help the needy – Give to someone less fortunate than you in order to add meaning to who you are and what you have.
  27. Laugh more and harder – laughter is a great stress reliever, so find ways to laugh harder and more often.
  28. Limit your media violence intake – from movies and shows, to video games, avoid exposing yourself too much to media that triggers your fight-flight response and puts you in high tension.
  29. Lose a few more arguments – pick your battles; some things are just not worth fighting about, and keeping the peace is admirable.
  30. Uphold integrity – you’ll lead a more satisfied life if you don’t let people push you towards things/places that contravene your principles.
  31. Make time-off sacred – whether on the weekend or vacation or whenever else, make your time away from work sacred; you must have time to recoup and recharge.
  32. Take up meditation – Scientific studies have shown that time spent in prayer and meditation improves your psychological balance.
  33. Don’t take more than you can handle – work hard and do more than is expected for the tasks on your plate, but don’t make promises that you cannot realistically honor, or take up more work than you can handle.

Daniel Mattei (@mattedt) is a web Marketing Specialist at Dynamic Search with a love for film-making, content marketing, and photography. He lives with his wife, Grace and Pomeranian, Couscous in Phoenix, Arizona.