What are the true benefits of Incorporating?

For today’s business basics, we’re taking it back a little bit. We’ve talked about the ins and outs of incorporating throughout the years, but we thought we’d remind you of the no-nonsense benefits that come along with incorporating with a filing service.

When you incorporate a business with a professional document filing service, you save time, money, and energy. 

And on a technical note, we assure secure personal assets through liability protection, saving all the possible money you can on taxes and an upstanding established credibility with your customers.  All of these are available upon incorporating your business right now.

But you have a business to take care of and incorporating takes some time.

Let the business filing experts at MyCorporation save you that time, hassle, and money to incorporate your business. You worry about your business while MyCorporation takes care of the work.

How Can I afford incorporating my business?

We make incorporating a business affordable.

Our incorporation services start at just $69 (plus required government fees). Lawyers charge, on average, over $200 per hour for the same technical results. With our document filing service, you know exactly what you need, what you are getting, and how much it all costs from the very beginning. We communicate with you the whole way not only about the cost but about the process of transforming your business into the corporation you want it to be.

We take the bureaucracy out of incorporating.

You could file everything yourself, but when you consider the time needed to file, administer and maintain all the documents necessary to keep your business running legitimately, why would you? MyCorporation offers you serious savings when it comes to your time and resources. In addition to saving you time, we will make sure everything is done correctly and legally.  This is our profession so we know just what legal steps to take when incorporating a business, trust us.

Making The First Move.

Once you decide on incorporation, simply visit our website (www.MyCorporation.com) or give us a call at 1877 692 6772, and we’ll take care of the rest.