MyCorp and Guidant financial teamed up to survey 1,000 small business owners on their thoughts concerning the upcoming election. Though 94% of small business owners plan on voting, there is still plenty of room for persuasion as 87 % said neither Mr. Trump nor Mrs. Clinton had adequately addressed small-business concerns in the campaign.

Here’s what we found:



  1. If that were true, then Al Gore would have been president. The electoral college can be the deciding vote. They are comprised of current party politicos. Their function at the time of their inception was to vote representing the various locations in the United States. At that time, we were spread thin and had no communications that was timely. Today, we have instant communications, therefore, the need for the electoral college is no longer needed; furthermore, closed primaries also disenfranchise a large segment of the population. Those formats need to go also.

  2. i don’t understand our political system? aren’t they supposed to be an extension/voice of public opinion/perception? if the public endorses, by majority vote, a particular candidate, then isn’t it our political representatives job/responsibility to endorse that same candidate? what happened to: by the people, for the people? politicians need to get their heads out of their asses, or their back pocket contributors asses, and vote accordingly to the PEOPLE.

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