Businesses We're Starting In 2017 — Experts Weigh In

The new year brings with it new beginnings, especially for small business owners! We wanted to see what sorts of businesses were already popping up in 2017, so we asked our experts about their latest projects.

Here’s what they had to say:

1. “My name is Rachel Lipton, and I’m a senior studying business administration at the University of Southern California. 

A fellow female USC student and I are launching a business in March of 2017 named Goddess in the Red, which is a subscription service dedicated to providing women revolutionary feminine care products. We also aim to foster a community of women that lift up and inspire each other in a society that, unfortunately, often puts women down and makes them feel embarrassed while on their period. 

We are currently crowdfunding on indiegogo and are on track to hit our goal by the end of the year to launch going into 2017. The link to our campaign is:” –Rachel Lipton, Goddess in the Red

2. “I just had a soft launch for my new company, Mix and Patch. This is a line of reversible separates for infants featuring a top with detachable/interchangeable hood and leggings. 

This line was designed with parents in mind. It was developed in hopes of making the hectic lives of the guardians of our favorite tiny humans, just a little bit easier and a whole lot more fun.” – Jessica Timmerman, Mix and Patch

3. “Originally based in the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Empire Executive Offices has recently opened a new location in Ives Dairy Florida. Well, in 2017, Thomas will be opening two more luxury office spaces in both Boca Raton, FL as well as West Palm Beach! The mission of this business is to offer luxurious office space, conference rooms, and virtual offices to clients, all while being a part of their team and helping their business’ grow!” –Thomas Fallarino, Empire Executive

4. “My business is a team of personal home search assistants who help home buyers navigate the home search process. Each home buyer will be assigned to a live assistant who will work diligently to find them exactly what they are looking for in a new home. The service will be provided 100% FREE to home buyers.” –Derek Devore, Duvora

5. “My partner, Roger Chinchilla, and I are launching a new Bluetooth based business networking app in 2017 that works similarly to our existing dating app, Cheekd. The way that people currently network at both small and large events is a disaster. We’ve both attended hundreds of events and no one knows who’s who. As a speaker, you have no idea who is in the audience. As an attendee you have no idea who is sitting next to you and the networking opportunities are never that fruitful. We plan on changing the game. Our new app will allow attendees to make real life connections at events when someone within your interest (whether it be an investor, a developer or simply just for a networking opportunity) comes within 30 feet of you. It’s going to be a bit like LinkedIn but in the real world.” –Lori Cheek, Cheekd

6. “I’m about to launch to help people grow their own cannabis at home legally. I’ve raised $150,000 so far. I am launching January 15.” –Gregg Steiner,

7. “I am currently a content writer and coach for business. Since starting my business in 2009, I’ve had to push past my fears as an introvert to promote and grow my business. 

During this time, I have identified a similar need among other entrepreneurs and will be expanding my services as an introvert coach for entrepreneurs this year. This includes speaking at networking groups, organizations, and HR departments to inform them about the unique traits and qualities introverts bring to any situation.” –Kristen Edens, Kris the Scribbler

8. “Serving those that are most vulnerable has always been a passion of mine. When the opportunity arose to own and operate a personal care home for persons 55+ I was more than overjoyed. Cozy, inviting, and homelike environment is ideal for a family away from family setting.” –Keilon Jackson, Malta Personal Care, LLC

9. “Believe it or not, I am starting an SEO business. There is so much untapped potential in my local area. Harrisburg, PA SEO is my focus for 2017.” –David McCullough,  

10. “My new company, For Blank, partners with existing non-profit organizations and funds one home at a time with a donated portion of all purchases from my site, All items are project-specific and when the organization chooses a family we post details and pictures on our site so customers know exactly who they are helping! We also have a commitment to be sure we are adhering to fair trade standards and practices, and when possible to employ locals to build the homes, in an attempt to boost local economy. 

My goal is to build homes, create awareness about the world-wide housing crisis, and for my customers to be more than a donation to a cause without a face.” –Randall Nicole, For Blank

11. “I’ve worked in corporate public relations for 7 years with a national client base. Recently (November), I quit my job to start my own business. This month I finished my Masters program in Leadership Education – Sports Management. I’m starting a company based on sports public relations.” –Cristy Brusoe

12. “My name is Ruben Pierre-Antoine, CEO of Savage Sellers. We are an e-commerce distribution company that teaches entrepreneurs how to sell on Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce platforms. 

Our new business is a series of videos and tools that shows the route to become successful as an Amazon seller. We have videos on a range of topics and just finished our Chrome extension. We plan on doing a full launch next year to help people that want to start new businesses get a head start!” – Ruben Pierre-Antoine, Savage Sellers

13. “I am launching a business strategy firm (LLC and website in development). I have identified a need for strategic organizational change and transition guidance. The goal is to not make a plan and leave, but work through the entire process from consulting to educating internal staff so that the company stays on track regardless of turnover in employees or a switch of an external partner, etc. It is my belief that the company is always the nucleus driving all strategy; I have seen organizations delegate so much of this to third-parties or agencies, creating a silo (on top of any that currently exist), and that’s a recipe for confusion, chaos and diluted results (not to mention buy-in). 

Our vision is to create sustainable change within private, public and non-profit organizations, working alongside leadership as an extension of the team, empowering staff and serving as an expert to assess needs and resources to execute strategic initiatives crucial for business success. 

We are a business/brand strategy and consultancy firm for organizations embarking on organization-wide initiatives, culture shifts, change management implementation, restructure or rebrand, a transition in its lifecycle or simply seeking an outside view looking-in; we would love to be invited to your table.” – Amy Kauffman, Strategic Moxie, LLC

14. “I’ve owned an agency for a while now, but struggled to find the right way to position it, and the right way to scale it. But I think I’ve finally cracked the code. In 2017, we will be rebranding and relaunching as Vulpine Interactive, a social media marketing agency focused in management, growth, advertising, and content promotion. We’ve taken a long look at the agency landscape and have realized that too many companies are focused on advertising, or digital marketing as a whole. We plan to focus in on social media management, better use data and testing to improve growth and relationship building. Rather than a traditional agency, which focuses on paid user acquisition and CAC, we want to build passionate fan bases and gain brand advocates for our clients. A service that is often overlooked by other agencies.” –Derric Haynie, Vulpine Interactive  

15. “While we initially have been in business this past year, we will be ready to officially sell products next week. Based out of Norfolk, Virginia, NIONT has developed beautifully crafted automatic timepieces that speak to the urban creative. We believe that the watch market is stagnant when it comes to new and interesting designs for the entry level watch buyer.” –Ali Matthew Leonard, NIONT

16. “I am starting an online marketing firm specializing in seo in the new year. It will focus primarily on seo and ppc and i will have a team of 5 people. I have experience in the field working for another company in this industry already, so prior experience always is helpful.” –Kamil Faizi, SEO Tech Expert

17. “F13 Works, a new business, unites popular brands with millions of influential online stores. We are facilitating the future of eCommerce and are encouraging manufacturers and ecommerce stores to join us.” –Myron Goldsmith, F13 Works

18. “I’ve recently successfully exited an insurance startup that I’ve been building for the last 4 years and am moving on to build an expert content platform. I was frustrated by the lack of substance in educational content for professionals online. So I’m gathering experts from every industry and providing free content to professionals worldwide! I’m extremely excited about this new venture and looking forward to starting 2017 with a bang!” –Sean Dudayev, The Thinker’s Tantrum

19. “Although my business is existing, I am planning on ramping it up in 2017 medical bills contain errors & overcharges and it is my plan to assist individual in understanding what they should and shouldn’t owe.” –Beth Morgan, Medical Bill Detectives

20. “15 year investment banker at J.P. Morgan who quit last month to start a social enterprise.  

Business I am starting: 

What do we do:   We are the Netflix of baby books (Aged 1 – 3).   A social enterprise that selects the best book titles for your baby and toddler’s early developmental needs, delivered to your home for hassle free reading time.  Books are shared by 5 – 6 parents in their prestine new condition.   Afterwards they are donated to children can’t even afford used books, where they will be read many more times.   Our subscribers save 80% on book cost, reduce their carbon footprint, and provide other children with the opportunity to early learning.” –Hiram Ip, Baby Library

21. “We are starting a push on a new side of our business, truck rear adverts. Following the launch of our fastest billboard campaign. (Uk Based Business)” – Ed Hollands, Driven Media

22. “In the upcoming new year (2017), I plan on starting a non-profit as well as a new company. My non-profit will focus on teaching the youth and young adults life, financial, and leadership skills through sports and fine arts. My new company will focus on TV and Movie production.” –Vid Lamonté Buggs Jr.,

23. “I corporate telework during the day and the rest of my life is dedicated to professional organization. I love to help people declutter their homes and change their life through the KonMari organization method. I am formally launching my business January 2, 2017 with a lot of preparation in between. I’m almost finished with the process to become the first certified KonMari tidying consultant, serving the city of Chicago! I’m super motivated and excited to be doing something that matters and loving what I do every day. I thrive off of client engagement and I’m so proud of their progress.” –Kristyn Ivey, For the Love of Tidy, LLC 

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