5 Ways A Blog Will Take Your Business To The Next Level

The internet is the most revolutionary tool that business owners have ever been given access to. In 2012, worldwide e-commerce sales hit $1.06 trillion. Forecasts for 2018 are already predicting more than a 50 percent increase in these numbers

However, with so many great companies vying for visibility on the net, it’s unsurprising that innovation equates success online. Due to this, one of the most effective tools has been employing the use of a blog.

Statistics show that setting up regular, relevant posts on your company website can increase your traffic by a staggering 55 percent.

Here are five reasons to that every small business owner should consider blogging.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is perhaps one of the most discussed concepts when talking about marketing your small online business. If you aren’t familiar, it works on theories’ surrounding Google’s algorithm, with the aim to gain a higher ranking in their search engine.

Elements that affect SEO include backlinks, domain age, traffic and fresh content. Blogging culture allows internet users the opportunity to optimize all of these processes, thus making it the ideal solution for websites and small businesses who are struggling to make an impact on Google.

With recent studies showing a dramatic 51 percent of traffic comes from search engines – compared to a mere 5 percent from social media – it’s clear that this is a channel worth some serious investment.

  1. Establishing Niche

One of the most important things to remember when aiming for online success is that the internet is an extraordinarily big place. Because of this, it’s ineffective to try and market to everyone. This is why establishing niche is so essential.

You’ll be pleased to know that one of the most powerful tools for making an impact in your niche market is a blog.

One of the benefits of blogging is that it allows you the opportunity to create varied yet relevant content. In short, posting about topics related to your business will increase your authority in that ‘area of the internet.’  

  1. Increasing Exposure 

As noted in this HubSpot article, there are three ways to increase your exposure and drive traffic: blogging, social media and search engines.

We have already established how running a blog on your business website can increase your Google ranking. Here are the alternative ways that posting content can drastically improve your online visibility and, subsequently, your customer base. 

  • Indexed Pages

Blog posts increase your number of pages. Then it’s a mere matter of probability; the more posts you have indexed, the more chance someone will stumble across your domain and engage with your company. 

  • Social Media Content

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools. However, it can be difficult to be able to produce enough natural content to see the benefit. Blogging not only gives you material to post, it also encourages interaction between you and your followers.

  • Free Promotion

Even to this day, peer recommendations are still one of the most trusted methods of advertising. As ‘sharing’ culture prevails, blog posts are one of the quickest ways to ensure your content is passed on.

  1. Ensuring Return Visitors

    Bringing customers back to your site repeatedly is by far the best way to grow your business. In fact, a small loyal fan base can often be more profitable than a myriad of one-time visitors.

    What’s one of the most efficient ways to make this happen? You guessed it: a blog.

    Blogging is fundamentally an informative entertainment pursuit. Although most site-owners introduce them as a tool of promotion, the primary goal is to produce interesting content that will bring readers back. Capitalizing on this and creating an impactful blog in its own right is a wonderfully natural way to encourage visitors to become interested in your business and revisit your site.

  2. Audience Interaction

 We are living in a world where the culture of the personality is increasingly prevalent; customers want to know the person behind the brand.

One extreme example of this theory in action is Shawn Achor from Goodthink. As a CEO, he worked hard to define and embody his own personal values before projecting them onto his company. His personal notoriety became so great that he’s now known worldwide for his approach to business.

Your customers want to know who you are, and posting on your blog and replying to comments is one of the most readily employable tactics to achieve this goal.

It may be true that your small business can thrive without a blog, but if you’re looking for tools to give you that extra boost, it’s a great next step. Posting regular and relevant content can truly impact your business growth and take your company to the next level!

Caroline is an internet entrepreneur who has had a hand in creating many successful online businesses. She currently works as a blogger for Secure Thoughts in her expert field – cybersecurity and technology. After years in the business, she hopes she can help fellow companies thrive with her valuable insights and recommendations.